Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love these rainy, lazy, quiet days

The photo above is from playing in Photo Booth, as you can see the kids love the little inbuilt camera in the mac, and I get to play with all the wonderful little effects. I played with GraphicConverter a little more today, and I love how it edits, but can’t find the crop tool where I have all the control. There’s another program called Phoenix Slides which I will download late tonight. I have used over 70% of my usage allowance and I am only about 50% through my account period. I barely ever go near my limit, but this is the second month now since I have gone too close. Optusnet, slows my speed down that it makes internet browsing near on impossible. I don’t get charged for the extra, but I can only really use it for emails. I hope I remember to download the program during my off peak times, which is from midnight to midday the next day.

The rain seems to have stayed away today, but it’s still cool and overcast. Blissful, compared to what we are normally experiencing at this time of the year. Bunny has finished painting the verandah, and it looks fabulous - can’t wait for him to be able to start the front.

The kids are happy and are continuing to behave fantastically well. Today they even have their heads out of the gameboys/playstation/computer/nintendos.......and have spent nearly all day playing a WWE DVD board game. It’s quite heartwarming seeing Billy-Joe teach his younger brothers how to play the game. He will sleep well tonight, as he has been kept busy, organizing, paying out the money, counting out the money, reading all the questions and generally keeping the two younger ones under control. I take my hat off to him. Sometime he can be so mean, but today, he has done a fantastic job.

I have watched my first DVD of the Prison Break episodes. I was up late last night watching it. Love it, couldn’t believe that my little ipod would give such a crystal clear image for movie viewing. I never did get that people want to buy TV series on DVD, but I have never been so fascinated with a show before either. I have already filled in gaps, which make the whole thing make more sense. I still have so much to go. Can’t wait for season 3 to come out on DVD and for Season 4 to commence on TV.

Yesterday after many months of putting up with a sore neck and shoulders from my tired pillow, I went out and bought a beautiful latex contour pillow. My old pillow was a good one from a physiotherapist, but had become too flat, and needed replacing. I had been putting it off, because the new one’s I was eyeing off were around $100. I went into the store yesterday and didn’t actually like the $100 ones, so came away feeling quite smug because I’d found an $82 one which suited me just fine. The lady was very helpful and took it out of the packet, put a ‘bluey’ on it and then laid it onto the massage table so I could try it. I didn’t sleep too badly on it last night, but know it will take a few nights to become really comfortable. I know the last pillow took me nearly a week..........I don’t think this one will take as long.

Might head off and have a shower. Barbi is waiting for me, and is always anxious when the weather is crappy, because she knows I hate going out in the rain.

I wonder what we will have for tea. Not sure if I feel like Thai. I am trying to eat least all my baking is gone.

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