Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

We spent New Year’s Eve with just our family. I made a really yummy dinner. We had chicken schnitzel crumbed with a yummy seasoned crumb mix, I made a potato salad, a cucumber salad and we had tomato supreme as a sauce on the schnitzel. It was a very German meal, accompanied with a german (I think) champagne which is my absolute favourite.

We slept in this morning, gosh I love not having to be anywhere and just being able to clean, tidy, and then please myself. I am enjoying cooking for enjoyment and taste and not worrying about dieting, although I know that will have to change very soon.

I have just put on a pot of chilli, and I got Billy-Joe to help. I make the seasoning from scratch and he thought it was pretty cool seeing all the things that really went into making the delicious flavours. I will serve it with guacamole and corn chips - I don’t have any sour cream and don’t see my chances of getting any on New Year’s Day.

Bunny is outside painting under the verandah. The only place where the rain isn’t able to get to. It’s a pity we couldn’t have got the house finished, ah well there’s always another opportunity. Just I know my husband, and I have to strike while the iron’s hot so to speak. I have to get him while he is feeling motivated, so the rain isn’t a good thing at this stage. At least we have bought the paint, that’s a step in the right direction.

My .macexperiment, I am not sure how it’s travelling at this stage. So far it’s definitely easier, but I want to see blogs of others to see what else is possible. Mine is a very simple one thus far.

The people on my mac users group are a very friendly and helpful bunch, and so far all my queries have been assisted.

Will upload and publish and see what happens now.

Arrggghh, I can’t work out how to just put a photo in the midst of my text..........

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