Saturday, January 12, 2008

Game of Life

Today’s been a good day. A continuation of this wonderful relaxing time. Last night at scrapbooking was great fun. Barbi and I had KFC for dinner which was a change from our routine Thai dinner. I actually did a layout last night.

My darling man is getting better at handing over the money. I was most impressed, and pleasantly surprised - actually he’s been great the whole holidays. He knows my income is down to virtually nothing, so I have no expendable income.This time last year, he really struggled with me having to ask for money. He was such a tightarse that it was almost humiliating for me to ask for money. I like my own funds, my own bank account and I don’t want to rely on anyone for my financial independence. I was bitten once, very very badly, and that will never ever happen again. During the year he’s really worked hard to be more appreciative of what I do with ‘my’ money and therefore is generous when I ask him for money. It works both ways. He can’t just take for granted all the things my income buys and pays for without giving in return - and he knows I appreciate it very much. So anyway, I did digress there a little. He came home from a job he had to do this morning and I knew he’d gotten paid. I have money put away now for the kids stationery and books, and I said I wanted to look at some new board games for the kids, plus Billy-Joe needed some new shorts. I am very lucky with kids’ clothes as I get so many hand me downs, but sometimes it’s nice to have something new to wear.

I got the kids Junior Monopoly which they have already played. My kind of game.....nice and quick but still fun. Billy-Joe enjoyed it, and Sammy liked it too. I also picked up a Connect 4 type game that Mickey really likes. I wanted the new ‘Game of Life - Twists and Turns’ but Toyworld was sold out, but I got it at an online store. By the time I added in freight it cost the same as Toyworld, so I decided to get it now rather than wait until maybe the end of the month. If this wet weather is going to start again, it would be good to have new games.
I also bought a new image editing program. Finally I have found one that will certainly tide me over until I can get Photoshop Elements 6. It was $AUD71 which isn’t free, but does everything I need a program to do. Who knows I may not even need PSE6. I bought the program from here .

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