Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day Weekend

I decided that this Australia Day would not go uncelebrated. I think that as a nation we are far to lax about praising the wonderful country where we live. Actually as a nation, generally the patriotism is only shown during a cricket match, or some other high profile sporting event. Rather pathetic I think. We do live in a wonderful place and I wanted to let this weekend go with something to remember.

So we did.

We celebrated with our bestest friends - my parents and we had a ball. Peter and I got into the spirit of things and decided to dress in bright unmatched outfits with hats, and even the kids made sure they wore hats, even indoors. My Dad, not to be outdone, got Mum's beach hat out of the car, and never mind that it was white with pink trim, he stoically wore it all afternoon, much to Mum's chagrin. We had fun, we laughed lots, drank some fabulous Australian wines and ate some fantastically tasty Australian food. I marinated some chicken tenderoins, and skewered them, we had lamb chops, and Mum made her infamous marinated pork spare ribs. Mum made her yummy coleslaw and I made a green tossed salad with kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes, and we had the Australian touch of beetroot, tinned corn, and some mexican bean mix for good measure. Peter bought me a bottle of Jim Barry's Riesling and it was absolutely delicious - I was quite sad to learn it wasn't a $10 bottle! Unfortunately it cost $16 so I won't be getting another in a hurry.

I love my Mummy dearly with all my heart!

Me with my four beautiful boys.
My middle boy - Sammy.
My Mum and Dad with his 'cute' hat.
Sammy and his Oma
All dressed up for Australia Day.

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