Sunday, January 13, 2008


I had this post floating around in my head yesterday, and I didn't get to it. I did scrapbook though, which was great fun, and I will put a photo of the layout on the bottom of this post.

I went scrapbooking on Friday night as per usual. I was excited because not only was Barbi going to be there, but my dear friend Karen, had promised that she would be there too, come hell or high water. You can imagine how perplexed I was when she smsed me during the day to tell me that Geoff had fallen, and had a suspected broken ankle. Neither of us were very sympathetic as we knew this would seriously thwart our plans. But she was strong, and, maintained, that if she were in that predicament, he would still go to work and leave her to contend with the four kids. So she did, left him with his crutches close by, Karen had put the baby to sleep and she could come out and 'play'. During the course of the day I had been in touch with my other dear friend, and asked her if she would come, seeing as she was still on holidays, and I knew the late night wouldn't be a hassle as she could sleep in the next day, rather than have to front up to work.

I just had the best night. I just felt so lucky, to have spent the night with my three best friends. I made myself leave at 2am!! I could easily have kept scrapbooking, even Suzy, who normally flags earlier, could have kept going. We just chatted and chatted and chatted. We talked about everything, laughed lots, and just enjoyed being together. We ate dinner together and drank cups of tea together, and even did a little scrapbooking together as well. Those nights are so precious to me. They don't happen often enough, where we are all together - so I will treasure that night for a long time. For those hours, I can relax - totally and utterly relax. I can be myself - 100% me, just normal me, not mummy me, not wifey me, not housekeeper me, just me - Jenny - complete and in my element. I don't stress about anything, I don't need to worry about anything, not my weight, not how much money I don't have, not about the work I don't have, not about the things that are falling apart at home (as in physical things, not emotional things), I don't have to please anyone, rouse on anyone, or clean up! Those seven hours just went by in a flash! Being around those amazing women, is like taking a tonic, only works much quicker and is more pleasant to take. They are inspiring and have such uplifting personalities. I woke up the next morning feeling like I'd had a mini holiday. Even though I had had such a late night, I felt good in the morning, it was like a lingering glow was on my heart from all their laughter. We talked about sadness too, as Karen has just lost her Dad, but it was all grounded in a comfortable companionship which just enabled it to be therapeutic for us all rather than distressing - a true sign of friends listening and being there for each other.

I am lucky, truly blessed. I have a family that loves me, parents that love me, a husband that loves and adores me, and the best girl friends a woman could ask for.


Chris H said...

Awww that's just so lovely.... I hope you get more evenings like that with your girlfriends.

ulysses said...

Jenny, you are such a sweetie. I really enjoyed it too, I wish we could do it more often.
Sue x

Suzy said...

Sounds like a fantastic evening! Just the right way to start a wonderful new year.


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