Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye Falcon

I felt quite ill all day today. I like how I cope with stress, but I hate how I react physiologically to these kinds of things. My head copes well, the rest of my body, including my heart and my stomach, don't do so well. I lay in bed last night, it was nearing midnight and my heart was racing and I had that awful sense of anticipation and trepidation within me. I knew deep down inside that we had the right decision, but on the surface, I was questioning myself. I had a memory that the car was quite oldish looking, that it didn't even have carpet on the floors. I was sad that there weren't electric mirrors and that it felt 'big' to sit in.

All I can say, is that I wish I could have picked it up before 4pm today, I could have saved myself some anguish. I was sitting in the finance guy's office with my mouth so dry, I couldn't speak properly....... I had taken photos of my car in the morning, and felt I needed to do that, I needed something to remember it by. The kids were great, and humoured their scrapbooking Mama. I even got Billy-Joe to take a photo of me sitting in it.

After I had signed the paper work, I had to sit and wait - but coudn't relax, so I stood up and watched the traffic going by, and then with a start realized that my new car was just outside the window. I had already walked past her twice and hadn't even noticed her...... I just thought all the 'good, new' cars were out there, and that mine was hiding out back somewhere. I was so surprised, the car looked fabulous, all shiny and new, I suddenly lost the sick feeling and felt rather excited, which was probably all that I was feeling, before, but now I could let myself be excited and I didn't worry anymore.

I drove it up to show my Mum and Dad, and they liked it, and, like me were surprised at how big it was and laughed that I didn't think it had any carpet inside.....

I hopped in the car to go and pick up my kidlets from holiday care.......and couldn't start the thing. Nothing I could do made the motor even turn over. Dead! Dead as a Dodo bird!!! I shut the door, turned off the radio, turned off the a/c, made sure my seatbelt was on............but nothing!!! I went upstairs and rang Toyota, and was assured that the mechanic would ring me shortly, he was currently on another call. I went back downstairs and waited for the call. Dad was busy reading the manual and I sat back into the car and started pushing more buttons...... Lo and behold, it started! I had somehow managed to immobilize the car, by inadvertently triggering it's security system. Well, you can only imagine my happiness when it started.......it could only happen to me!!!

Not only is the car shiny and new, it has carpet, it also has electric side mirrors which I just love, and it has cup holders which the falcon didn't have. The middle seat belt in the back was a proper belt too, so I didn't need the harness belt for Billy-Joe. The boot is huge and it drives really nicely. I have my frangipani steering wheel cover on, and some of my bits and pieces, and it feels like my car.....

I look forward to driving her again, and I know I won't cringe the next time I go to the bowser.

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