Sunday, January 27, 2008

My New Car

I actually am posting this out of order. Better late than never.

I don't regret many things in my life - thankfully even from the not so good things I have done I have always come out wiser and stronger.

I do regret a little that nearly five years ago we bought a new car and we bought a Falcon Station Wagon. I love that car. I still have a soft spot for them. Twenty years ago, I had one, I just loved it. It was my one and only new car. It was awesome. They are so easy to drive and so comfortable. I lost that one however, when my marriage at the time dissolved. I have always hoped for another.......

We bought the Falcon, with all the right motives. We wanted a car for our growing family, something comfortable and large enough, so that when we go away, we have enough room to pack all our stuff. We have only been camping a few times, it didn't turn out quite the holidays I had anticipated, so our holidays have become a week in a unit - that's a holiday for me.

I drive my car a lot. I spend most of it driving around town, and driving to work, which is a fair distance away, but hilly and windy - not really the kind of road one needs a six cylinder vehicle for.

This week the local Toyota Car Yard had a big sale on, and they stipulated on their brochure which was mailed to me, that they had cars from $6990. The salesman was very helpful but failed to show us anything under $10000.

Anyway, turns out the vehicle that was cheap, was their drawcard and that's the one we ended up buying. It's a Toyota Camry, perfect condition with one owner.

We pick it up on Tuesday.

I hope it's a good car, at least as good as the Falcon has been. The Falcon was needing some work done, it had couple of car park dings, and it needed four new tyres, it also needed some attention to small spots of rust coming through. The front end also needed some work. So we have a new old car and a new debt.

I am looking forward to cheaper fuel costs and also cheaper insurance and registration. What I save can go toward the payments. I will miss my big car, with all it's power, but this new one will be much more practical......

I will get some new frangipani stickers for the back window and will buy some new seat covers, black ones with pink frangipanis....... It will be a 'JennyCar' soon enough.....


Suzy said...

Happy Australia Day Jenny.xx

Love all your pics. You all look so happy!

New car looks great.

Tina said...

Nice car Jenny. Makes sense to downsize these days.

Your photos are unreal. You all look like you had a great day. We had a very social Australia Day weekend too. Kids are back at school today - Yahoo!!


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