Saturday, March 17, 2007

An unreal week

I have had the most amazing week. I can attribute that to many things. I started the week badly with spraining my ankle - and from there it went sharply uphill. As I hobbled with assistance out of the gym, I had no shortage of sympathy and assistance. Alicia, whom I have known for many years, and Di a new friend, both offered to drive me home. (Which in hindsight I should have accepted, because I felt quite ill when I got home.......probably from the pain). I had ice, help and advice on how to look after myself. On Thursday I saw Lu and had my nails done. Alicia came in and saw that my foot was swelling while I was sitting there, she took off my shoe and made me put my foot up. Di, brought out some cream and rubbed some into my foot..........I felt like a queen. Anyone walking past would have wondered who on earth I was that I was receiving so much attention.

During the week, as you know I put a deposit on an amazing range of kitchen items. My parents took me down to the store, so I could do that as driving was still a bit painful. I am so lucky that I have my parents around, and that they are close by too. We always get on so well, and when I work so much, I don't see them near enough, so with my sore ankle, it meant we spent some time together which was great. I realized that another reason why the week was so great, because I have all three children at school, and I didn't work the whole week, so I felt organized and not like I was running around chasing my tail. I had more patience for my kidlets and felt very content with my lot in life.........

Yesterday I decided to attempt a pump class, as you don't really need your feet other than for standing on. I did lunges, but without the weights, and then stopped a bit before ...............I hate lunges!!! Afterwards Alicia and I went to coffee. Three hours later we decided to check the time!! We hadn't moved, hadn't had lunch, just had a ball. We ordered a lunch which we shared and then I came home after 3pm. Time to organize my clothes off the line, have a shower and then go to scrapbooking. I had to shopsit last night for about 4 hours. I had a great night, Al was there and Kerrie was there too..... I had lots to chat about.

I have a lot more to add later. I am considering a few things....


Suzy said...

Ouch! You poor girl! Hope it is soon mended.

Your new kitchen appliances will be wonderful. Bet you can't wait for it to be all finished.

Jail Byrde said...

Hey Jenny - Just thought I'd drop by and see what you were all about! I'll put your blog in my faves. Just wondering, did you find me through my lengthy complaints about Dodo on my blog?

Glad you're out too. I swear, we should make up some kind of foundation to warn people about the dangers of signing up with Dodo!

Get well soon - NO LUNGES! Sitting and relaxing with a margarita will work out much better!


Jenny said...

I am glad you decided to pop on over. I started reading your blog quite a while ago, but never left a comment, you know how in some wierd kind of way you think you are intruding and I waited until I had something worthwhile to say to you.

My Dodo problems haven't ended. I recieved my credit card the other week and it showed that Dodo had debited my account. Turns out Optus hasn't taken back my local calls yet.......(Mind you Optus was charging me too!!!) I am totally over telecommunication companies. They are woeful. But definitely I would never ever recommend Dodo, their service is as extinct as the critter they're named after.

The ankle is getting better, although still a bit sore........I will just have to take it easy in the gym.

Tina said...

Jenny, your ankle looks very sore. You did a good job there. Good on you for trying to exercise. It's very hard with a sore ankle.


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