Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kitchen Update

We got a late call last night, that our finance was conditional. Apparently they had already done the driveby evaluation, and the rest of the process is just a I went and paid the rest of the deposit on the kitchen goodies, as I am 99.9% confident that all will be okay. Plus Kleenmaid has said that if for some reason the money doesn't go through, then we get a full discount. If I hadn't paid now, I would have missed out on $1800 savings, which is a huge amount. I will include some pictures of what we have bought..........Can you tell I am over the moon, very impressed and incredibly excited. I have always, always, always wanted a large kitchen with scmick appliances........and I never ever thought that I would actually get it.

I had another run through on all the appliances and am really impressed with all the functions on everything, I can't decide which appliance I am more excited about, the dishwasher, or the oven. The oven and the really awesome rangehood, are bonuses.........I never expected to get top quality of those, because I knew how expensive they are.

Deb, the manager at Kleenmaid, made me a divine coffee, from one of their machines and then just took her time with me, I am so impressed with the service. She knew my name, and was very, very helpful........

I had a brief chat with a gf on msn this afternoon, and her Kleenmaid oven died, and, instead of having it fixed, (without a quote) she was given an oven from a friend who was remodelling her kitchen. She is not happy with the 'new' oven at all and is sorely missing her Kleenmaid one and she is sorry she never had the repair quoted on. She said the difference in quality is amazing......

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Tina said...

Jenny, the photos look wonderful. I'm sure the finances will be fine.

How exciting to have decided on the appliances. Have you ever had a dishwasher before? I couldn't live without mine - lol.

I hope your ankle is better.


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