Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I am so mad at myself. Just when my fitness regime was going well and my fitness levels were increasing - I had to go and badly sprain my ankle. I started the Taebox class yesterday morning, my foot stuck on the carpet, because I didn't lift it high enough as we were travelling across the floor and I went head over heels.........must have looked like a lead weight rolling across the floor. Today it's a little better. I can put weight on it, but can't twist, turn, crouch or do anything with my foot, like push things aside etc. This morning I woke up and my other leg is quite sore too, from doing all the work. I stood and cooked last night, on one leg. My main worry is how long it will be before I can get back to the gym. I am really disappointed about that. Everyone at the gym was fantastic, they took such great care of me. I have only been going there for about 2 months and I had offers of lifts and help with hobbling around, ice packs and comfort. They are a great bunch of people, the other class mates and the girl who owns it.

I am off to the Kleenmaid sale today. I can't buy anything as yet, because the finance still hasn't been approved, but I can research and see if I can afford their dishwashers. Maybe the sale will still be on by the time the money is approved. I should have heard yesterday, but the bank is dragging their heels. I think when you are not borrowing several hundred thousand dollars they aren't really interested.........

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