Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Weekend

It's Sunday, and the weather is glorious, although a little on the hot side, but that's okay. We have had the most amazing summer this year. It has rarely been unbearably hot like it normally is. We have been very, very lucky. We have also had alot of rain of late which is good, but I think the places that really need it are still not getting anywhere near enough. We really do live in a wonderful place. I love it here.

Our middle son played his first game of football yesterday. I must admit we were worried. I was worried that he wouldn't cope, that he wouldn't get near the ball and that he would become extremely disillusioned very quickly. He absolutely amazed us...........I don't know why we even thought to worry. He was fabulous - even scoring his first try!! Can you believe it? I have attached some photos - I only took 182 of them, so I was lucky and there are a few keepers. He is so proud of himself. We had a great afternoon. His brothers, especially Billy-Joe were delighted with his skill. This will be so good for him - will do his confidence no end of good. He just loves playing, and now it's good leverage to get him to work even harder at school. The kids know that if they don't behave/work well, the sport goes....... That's just the way it is in this household.

So today I sit back and enjoy the photographs and wonder why I ever thought to worry about him playing a competitive game. We even tried to get him to play in a younger group because his birthday is on the 29.12. But their rules are strict and they wouldn't allow that.

I have worked alot in the first four weeks of term, which has been great. Last week was only one day, but that was okay because I didn't feel well for a couple of days. I don't have anything further booked, so I hope something else comes up.

The mortgage broker seems to feel we will have no problem getting the extra funds for our kitchen, so we should find out this week.......... Can't wait for all that to start happening. Can you believe I will have a huge kitchen soon? I am still shopping around for a new dishwasher, and haven't decided on a brand or model. I am tossing up Asko, Miele and maybe Kleenmaid. I have yet to go to the Kleenmaid showroom, they may be out of our price range.


Suzy said...

1st Try on his first game, that's fantastic! I still worried when my son was playing football (aussie rules) and he was in his twenties. He made some great friends through junior football and they are still friends now they have grown up and started to have their own children. I know how proud you must feel.
Have a great week.

Tina said...

I love that first photo. Great action shot.

Sounds like things are starting to move with your kitchen. How exciting!!

Jarryd is about to start soccer next term and he is so excited.


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