Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back at long last...........

I don't think there's too many that read this, but I know maybe a couple of people have wondered where on earth I have disappeared too. I got the bright idea one day to change ISPs and went with Dodo.......not the wisest consumer choice I have ever made. I have had huge dramas. I won't put all the boring details here, but, suffice to say - between sigining up with Dodo, not being notified of my new connection and only finding out when I ring Optus tech support because one morning I have no dsl!!! Then I spend hours trying to connect to DoDo, and after many fruitless hours, and, them telling me my modem doesn't work, not does my line work, I have decided to cut all ties with DoDo and return to Optus. That decision was the start of new troubles. Dodo was determined to have me pay out the term of my contract................. so after many more fruitless phone calls and then finally getting a good resolution through a contact given to me by the TIO, I was able to leave DoDo without having to pay any fees, rightly so I might add. Then it's taken another couple of weeks for Optus to take the line (phone) and dsl connection back. Mind you they haven't been much better in all this. Was I not computer savvy this whole affair would have been impossible!! I spent a couple of hours on the phone on Monday night with Optus, and finally got my new connection going. The bizarre thing is, though, that my old email address is still active............strange!!

So where is my life at the moment.........Well - it's incredibly busy. I have been working my butt off for the last four weeks. And I thought I wouldn't get any work at all this early on in the piece. I have really enjoyed being back too.........I just wish my self confidence didn't take such a battering after every hiatus that I have. The Christmas break was even more damaging, due to its length. I just feel like I don't really know what I am doing, and think that what little knowledge I have will disappear again. Obviously those that call me in have faith in me, so that's always heartening. Yesterday I put an application in to do some Professional Development. I didn't think they would accept the's $185 plus GST, so not cheap and not something afforded to casual teachers. Today I got a phone call to say that the new principal had approved my application. I was really pleased about that. It's a literacy workshop, and takes place in March. I am looking forward to learning some new skills.

We are in the throes of doing all the homework to do up our kitchen. My house is very small (the tissue box) and the kitchen is extremely tiny. We are going to extend over the verandah and have a beautiful kitchen built, complete with dishwasher, large stove and canopy. Our finance guy is coming on Monday, so when we have the money approved I will be really excited. I don't envisage any problems there......... How many people have a mortgage where the repayments are $160 per week????? We are truly blessed, and with my work and Peter's extra work, finance won't be a problem......... Mind you I will still be very happy when it has the rubber stamp on it. I will post a picture of our kitchen, so you have a before and after.........although on the photo the kitchen actually looks bigger than it really is......

Life is good......

The kids have settled back into school really well. Mickey, my baby, started grade 1! He is doing really well. It's great having them all at school together now......I have to make the most of it, as Billy-Joe only has two more years of primary school left!! Unbelievable!!! The Bunny Rabbit is well.......working hard, as he loves to do. We are all healthy and enjoying a busy and happy life.

The Bunny is home.......I need to leave the PC.


Slim Suzy said...

Glad you are OK. I did wonder what happened to you! Your trouble with the internet providers sounded like an absolute nightmare. I hate those annoying, long, painful phone conversations trying to get things done.
Your new kitchen plans sound great.
Take care and welcome back xx

Tina said...

I found you amongst Beckie's comments. I have put your blog in my favourites now. Somehow I lost your address.

Your new kitchen sounds very exciting. You won't know yourself. I look forward to seeing the after photos.


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