Thursday, January 11, 2007

After the class

My first class was a Fitball class. Goodness, I never imagined you could do all those things with the ball. At one stage, I even had to step, two step, or grape vine while bouncing the ball.......... Now I am not the most athletic person in the world, but thankfully I am quite co didn't make a goose of myself at all. Tomorrow is a Pump class, I am looking forward to it already. Then it's the weekend, so I will have a few days rest and a few days to allow the pain to subside. Mind you, these days I don't get as sore as I once did. Plus the muscles build alot more quickly too. An old gym instructor once told me, that it's like the muscles respond quicker as they have done it before. I can remember aeons ago, I went to an aerobic Mum came too........ For days afterwards I struggled to get up from chairs or the toilet. My legs were in agony.............. I don't remember how many times I may have only been a couple of times, but the pain will remain in my memory forever.

I did a good thing yesterday. I sliced up all the cake and put it in the freezer for the kids' morning teas. Out of sight out of mine.... I've been known to eat frozen chocolate in the past, but not frozen cake......... :)

A kitchen guy is coming today. Wonder what the verdict will be.

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Slim Suzy said...

Hope all is going well for you. Fitball sounds like fun!
I agree with you about freezing the cake. At least if you feel like some you can just thaw out one piece.


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