Thursday, January 11, 2007

On the road to a healthier me..........

No, no, no..........don't groan............I know I have said it all before. But I am determined this time. This is it! Today, (actually I started earlier this week) I am beginning the road to a newer, healthier me. And I am not using the word 'diet'.............I hate that word, loathe it's conotations, and restrictive vibes. I know that places like WW etc, are trying hard to put out to everyone, that it's all about lifestyle changes, not just something you do for a short am I living proof of that or what? I am about to head out to my first aerobics class in over 7 years. It's a fitball class, so a good one to start on. The gym I checked out has a good range of classes, there's something different everyday, including yoga, pilates and pump classes which I used to love. I want to do my exercise in a set time, so I can't procrastinate, and if it's a led class, I won't slacken off either.

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