Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend

Yesterday morning, we headed out to see Peter's parents. We had a lovely morning. His eldest sister was there too and it was nice to see her too. After morning tea, the kids watched a movie and we sat and chatted.

When we got home just after lunch, I got the kids lunch and then prepared the food for Sunday's lunch. I'm glad I did that, it meant Sunday morning wasn't frantic. I laid down in the afternoon with some music. I didn't sleep, but enjoyed the rest. I'm still not sleeping well at night, so by mid afternoon, I hit a brick wall, and can't even concentrate on anything anymore.

In the evening we went to Mum and Dad's. It was a great fun night. Not having seen my brother since Christmas, it was awesome to spend the evening with him, Dee and the girls. We shared a yummy dinner and lots of laughs. The kids had a great time, although were very weary. We came home around 9.30pm and the kids were happy to go to bed. Mickey's eyes were red he was that tired.

I went to bed after 10, optimistic for a good night, seeing as I'd not napped in the afternoon and I was very very tired. I'd downloaded a sleep app from iTunes............and listened to it 5 times during the course of bed time to 2.50am. By 4.30am I got up and browsed the web. The netski is surprisingly speedy at that hour of the morning!! I took advantage of the off peak download time, seeing as I'm currently over my percentage of use, compared to days passed, and an hour later, I felt snoozy and headed back to bed. For the next three hours, I actually slept!

After a cereal for breaky, I cleaned, tidied, and made a yummy Lemon Slice with Sammy and Billy-Joe while Mickey helped Daddy outside in the yard.

At 12.30pm Mum and Dad arrived and it was drinks all round and some light nibblies. Lunch was a BBQ. We had marinaded pork ribs, marinaded chicken skewers and snagglepusses. I made a crunchy noodle salad and Mum brought her delicious coleslaw that we all love.

We ate lunch late, true to our usual form, and whiled away the afternoon enjoying each others' company. The Easter Bunny brought eggs in the afternoon and the kids enjoyed hunting for them. I'll upload photos from today on another day. I really should go to bed and try to get some sleep.

My gorgeous boys and my two beautiful girls. They're my nieces and not my daughters but they're the closest I have to daughters and I love them to bits.

Julia and Kiana trying to show that Billy-Joe is taller than they are, even though they both tower over him lol......

Me with my gorgeous nieces.


Chris H said...

That is a really lovely photo of you and the girls.

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Jenny, so glad you got to spend some time with your nieces and had a nice Easter. I know what it's like to not sleep, when I sleep now I have the worst nightmares about what happened to my brother, it's like a movie that plays over and over in my mind. I truly hope that you find peaceful nights again soon!

Teddyree said...

Gorgeous photos Jenny!


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