Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scrapbooking Retreat @ Daisy's

Karen Knight and I
Just come home from a funfilled weekend @ Daisy's. Can't believe it's all over again, at least it's never long to the next one. I feel tired, but re energized in a way that can only be achieved by spending two whole days relaxing. No one to worry about, no one to cook for, or wash for or clean for......... Bliss!! I completed 3 A4 layouts and made four cards. I need to crop and edit those pics before I can upload them. I had my MacBook with me, but limited myself to spending time on it. Didn't want to waste precious retreat time computing, I can do that anytime after all..... I even left my farm fallow, so I could scrap without worrying about harvesting my crops [grin]......

The theme was Barbie's 50th Birthday, and the interpretation was very loose lol..... Karen K and I came as slumber Barbies, what an awesome way to arrive in pjs!! We even had a 'Ken' there, you can see 'him' standing behind me. He was totally in character lol and was very cheeky, thought he was in heaven with this bevy of Barbies.....
Karen Knight and I
Karen Knight, Lisa Webb, Lisa Hayes and Kim Zerner......

It was fabulous catching up with Kim. We only know each other through the retreats and have become friends even though we don't contact one another much after the retreats. I set up a Facebook page for her over the weekend, so hopefully we can keep in touch more that way. Karen Knight was positively glowing with her beautiful baby bump, new hairdo and a lovely relaxed attitude, she's a beautiful girl with a tender heart, thank you Karen, for adding something special to my weekend. Lisa Hayes and Lisa Webb - thank you both, for your entertaining banter, even though you informed me that I had a flat head (lol.....)!!! Kim, so glad you make the long journey to join us, hope you had a fab time... Two of my closest friends were unable to come this weekend, and I missed them very much. I'm already looking forward to the October card retreat to spend time with Suzy, and unfortunately won't spend another with Karen B until February 2010. Thank goodness she's booked in because retreats for next year are booked out already. For Karen and I, this is nice time which is rare for us together. We can converse and not be interrupted and I love seeing her relax. With Suzy we can discuss out 'geeky' issues together and catch up with what the many emails can't always sort out.

I've come home to a spotless house, a load of swimming clothes from this morning, washed and ready to be hung out, a dishwasher full of clean dishes, and everything else in place. I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy these sojourns with my girlfriends and know that I come home to a happy family and order.
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Chris H said...

What fun, ya lucky tart! I think I need to go on a patchwork retreat! That would be bliss!

Teddyree said...

What a beautiful photo of you & Karen. Thanks for sharing the pics and so glad you had a wonderful time, relaxing and recharging the batteries. Wish I could have been there but I won't see you til Nov camp.
Looking forward to a post of all your creative work, so chop, chop LOL


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