Monday, August 24, 2009

A new member to the Apple Family

For months now I've been waiting to get my iphone. Funnily enough, my existing mobile phone just carked it. It won't even hold enough charge for a single day anymore, even though I bought anew battery. It's only out of contract in four weeks time and it's had it!!

I was going to buy the new one, the 16GB 3GS, but decided this morning that the 8GB iphone was certainly more than adequate for my needs and I would probably update in two years anyway. This has saved me quite a bit of money, so I'm rapt. I was extra lucky, because it was the last 8GB iphone in my town. The 16GB iphone is out of stock, and they couldn't even give me an ETA. Billy-Joe is beside himself because he has my old phone, but it's not good enough for him. I don't want him with a phone that will die, although he has it turned off at school all day anyway and he's pedantic about placing it on the charger everynight, so it's a short term stop gap. He has my old old phone currently, but it doesn't have bluetooth or music capabilities. I'll wait and see to decide what to do....

I should have slept today, I've got two days of work coming up. My eyes are on fire due to tiredness and the fact that the air has been so hot and dry. I had to relent and put the A/C on, it was revoltingly hot inside. It's winter for goodness sake and was 35 degrees (95F).......ridiculous!!


Lisa H. said...

The new phone looks fabbo. You won't know yourself now!

Chris H said...



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