Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book Giveaway

A friend of mine's daughter is giving the opportunity of winning books on her blog.

Follow the instructions and you could win yourself a lovely book.

I have been sadly neglecting my blog of late. Life has been busy and my computer leisure time seems curtailed somewhat. I wonder who did invent Facebook lol........

After a fairly dry year workwise, I've landed an 8 day contract. Apart from the fact that I'll actually get paid, it means that the school is still happy enough with me to have me work there. My finances take a dive, and so does my self confidence. Eighteen months, I've been at this school and I've finally realized that I do indeed have a job there. However unpredictable it may be, the positives far out weigh the negatives. I've had a great class these past two weeks. Autistic kids, with just enough teenage angst to make it interesting. The neglect that some of these kids are exposed too still astounds me, but I have a good feeling knowing that in some small way I've been a positive thing in these kids lives. I love spending time with them, talking to them, listening to them and helping them. I will miss these kids and look forward to going back into their class at some stage. Their regular teacher is feeling better which is good.

It's my darling Bunny's birthday tomorrow night and we're all excited. The extra work has come in handy, as it means he's getting spoilt for a change. I bought him three Black Adder DVDs, a gift certificate at the Golf Club for three private lessons and I'm even hiring a baby sitter and taking him out to dinner on Saturday night. We're going to a Thai restaurant that we went to about 7 years ago. We always said we'd go back and have never had the money/time/inclination. Fortunately the place still has a good reputation so we know it will be good.

Not much else to report. Life is good and humming along nicely. I can't believe where the year is going and we are all beginning to get excited about our holiday in October.


Chris H said...

Work eh? Nice. If you like it! I have done my fair share of doing work... both here at home and at school looking after Special Needs Kids.. I'm done! (OH and teaching Pottery to kids and adults at Night Classes!)
The money is nice though.. *sigh*

Not enough to entice me back though I must say.

I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful night out together, it reminded me that Stew and I havn't been out together in a while!

I will be talking to the shop owner tomorrow about the warranty on my machine and the fact that it has not been right from the word go. Maybe I need to take Stew with me for backup, they never seem to listen to a woman eh? Grrrr, just another thing to make me cross, and this is not good! There is enough on my plate to make me cross enough already!

LOL... such is life eh?

OH! And you have been missed I must say!

t.t. millers said...

I've been bad about blogging too! Finances are an issue with us too. Wow I see a theme going here Jenny!! ;-) Happy Bday Bunny!


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