Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Matters

I am really happy that my brother is now very happy in his life. No-one should stay in an unhappy marriage, and no-one should compromise themselves in order to do so. I believe you need to be true to yourself. Always!

Having said that, I have always mourned the loss of the relationship I had with his previous wife. They were together 17 years. A long time. A long time for us to develop a close relationship. Even with the argument that happened during that time, and the ensuing estrangement, I never stop missing our friendship. Mum told me that she had agreed to drop by last weekend with the girls. They say good things come from bad, and I guess having Dad take that 'turn' set some minds thinking. The visit never happened because one of my nieces was quite ill and it wasn't wise to have her around Dad. It's her birthday next Monday. I always think of her birthdays. I sent her a card for her 40th and never had a response, but that's okay. She knew I was thinking of her. I took on board, her planned visit to my parents' house and I invited her for Billy-Joe's birthday luncheon on Sunday.

My heart raced last night when I hit the send button. No reply last night, but I was having server problems so later in the evening no emails were sending or receiving. I sat with a stunned look on my face as a reply came through this morning. She is dropping in on Saturday afternoon. Kiana is still not 100% and I'm not sure if she's ready for the whole family thing just yet. She will bring the girls around on Saturday afternoon and I am so very very excited. I never thought I'd see the day. I don't know how our relationship will be. I don't expect to be bosom buddies. But I do want her to understand and respect the fact that she will always remain a much loved Auntie to my kids. We love her and I want her to know that. She has always turned to me in times of trouble, even during our estrangement. She knows I don't judge. She's known deep down inside of her, buried beneath the hurt that I have always loved her.

I'm very nervous about seeing her. It's been years since we've spoken. I can't wait.


Chris H said...

Wow that's a long time to be estranged from her, even though she is no longer your sister in law, if you two had a close bond it's such a shame it's taken so long to mend. I hope it is mended after all this time and you two reconnect.

Joc said...

Wow that is exciting, and scary at the same time. Its always sad when we lose close relationships, I hope you both have the chance to make a new connection.

Good Luck!

Tina said...

Good luck Jenny. I agree, that is a long time not to have contact.

I can't believe your baby is going to be 13 next weekend. He is going to love his present.

Teddyree said...

When family relationships break down & loyalties are involved maintaining close friendships is always difficult, I hope it works out the way you want Jenny.

cranky said...

I am still working on getting a relationship with my ex SIL - I think it will be a while yet. Glad to see you are making steps to heal that relationship!


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