Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Week

Monday starts with my niece's birthday. I still can't believe Julia is 16. I still remember and feel the depth of my emotion as I held her in my arms in the hospital. I thought she was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. For years I wanted to have a daughter just like her. The good Lord decided otherwise and I was blessed with three beautiful boys instead. My two gorgeous nieces are growing up so quickly. They are children no longer. Time just passes by so quickly. I'm so happy that now I'm able to really enjoy life so much more. It's like things have slowed down and I'm smelling the roses again.

Next weekend we celebrate Billy-Joe's birthday. My first born son is a beautifully natured child and I'm so proud to be his Mum. My boy will be 13 next Monday. He is so kind and loving and is an absolute delight to be around. He's great company and we share many interests. Like me, he loves all gadgets and it's so cool to grow with my children. Next Sunday we'll have a luncheon for him. He's chosen lots of yummy food, including a chocolate chunk mud cake totally covered in maltesers. He will want home made sausage rolls too. I have yet to finalize the list. When we celebrated Mickey's birthday I was amazed at how much food we put away. I will have to make more this time.

I've got his birthday presents sorted. He's getting a mobile phone. I bought a sim card through Savvytel. They are a great provider as their prepaid calls don't ever expire. Billy-Joe will be stoked. There are more and more often times now where we really need to contact one another. The time has arrived where he needs one. I've set up my old phone and will give him my current phone, when the contract expires on it. I've also bought him Sims2 for the Mac, so he'll be rapt. Mum and Dad have bought him a Manga drawing book, so he'll be a very very happy teenager.

Last weekend was great fun. Friday night was scrapping as usual and in sharp contrast to the Friday before when I was worried about my Dad. Saturday Barbi ran a class, and we were able to scrap there until 6pm. She'd catered and the food was yummy, as usual. I was hoping like mad that Karen could make it, and was so excited when she was able to come for the Saturday afternoon. Suzy was there Friday night and Saturday, so I felt pretty excited that I spent another weekend with her. With her work schedule, it's not uncommon for me not to see her for a few weeks at a time, so this was a huge treat. We did take our MacBooks but both of us were creative. I need to take some photos in day light tomorrow and upload them. Lisa made some of us wheat bags, so we sported them at various times over the weekend. Not only are they great for a sore neck or the tops of your shoulders, they are cosy when it gets cold. I've been wanting one of these for ages, but they were rather expensive to make. I was rapt when Lisa offered to make me one. Not only did I get to spend some much needed time with my best friends, I also was home at a good hour on Saturday night. Peter cooked a delicious steak dinner with vegies that he steamed in cream. We had a great night. I drank wine, laughed, ate and virtually fell into bed at the end of the night.

Sunday was full on. Even though dear Bunny had looked after the washing, there was loads of other stuff that needed doing. I made the weeks' lunches, ironed the kids' uniforms and cleaned the bathroom and laundry, and loo. I dusted and cleaned up some crap that's been collecting in my room. Sometimes I wish I could do with less crap. I would just love the minimalist look in my house. Books and papers, I just breed the stuff.....shits me to tears. The kids and DB went to golf yesterday and I was able to finish the washing and then I sat and watched two more episodes of True Blood which I'm totally hooked on. I'm loving the whole vampire thing, just fascinating. This series is better than the books it's based upon. I find Sookie in the TV series has more depth and intelligence than the Sookie Charlaine Harris portrays in her books. Even though the story lines are changed, I find they have more depth and substance to them as well. Karen and I are just loving the episodes and are excited about watching the second season, virtually as they come out on US tv.

On the topic of TV, I'm disappointed that MasterChef is finished for the year. I'm over the moon excited for Julie, I think she was a deserving winner and can't wait for her book to be released. I think I will enjoy her style of food. I would love to learn how to present food like they do in good restaurants. I think it just makes the food look exquisitely delicious, and so tempting. I would love having my food look as well presented and as good as it tastes.


Chris H said...

I think 13 is a good age to give a kid a cell phone... mine had to wait till they were 16 .. but only cos we couldn't afford them!

Master Chef... Stew and I both love that show too!

Teddyree said...

Wow ~ entering the teen years, scary! lol

Totally agree with you about Julie & Master Chef, Callum and I are lost without it every night. I cannot wait for her cookbook, her's I think was a beautiful concept!

Woohoo another True Blood fan, isn't it the coolest!!!!!


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