Monday, January 26, 2009

Laurent Caters

I went to bed on Wednesday night not feeling very well at all. By morning the nausea was so bad that I was as weak as a kitten. My plans for buying stuff for my table, went out the window. Dear Bunny took the kids to holiday care and I took myself to bed. I slept most of that day, and all that night. By Friday morning I felt a little shaky but better and then improved quickly during the day. Thank goodness, as my dinner was on Saturday night.

On Saturday I ended up still going shopping with my Mum to buy the place mats and table runner. I was really happy with what I got. I also got a few other things too, so it was a good shopping day and a nice time with my Mum. I got home and then made a quick to do list. Even though I wasn't cooking, I still wanted everything to be perfect. I was so excited about this evening and it turned out to be just perfect.

Laurent's cooking was just superb. I couldn't have asked for any better. The food was exquisite and the girls ate everything. This was the menu

Brioche with smoked salmon
Brioche with brie
Cucumber basket with pesto chicken
Bruschetta with sun-dried tomato, pesto and feta cheese

Quiche Lorraine

Baked ratatouille tart topped with parmesan

Lamb rack with potato gratin and beans wrapped in bacon.

Served with bread rolls and butter (heart shaped rolls which he'd made)

Sponge cake with layers of custard and berries and meringue topping

To have with the coffee, he'd made biscuits and small puff pastry hearts with a sugar glaze.

Everything was home made. Nothing was pre bought. It was how I aspire to cook. everything made from scratch. Them lamb rack was delicious. The meat was medium rare, closer to rare but just delicious. The mushroom sauce was beautiful.

We all had a wonderful time. I felt very spoilt and very special to have my dearest friends around me. It was a great evening. Lisa had had a small mishap, well, rather her dh had the mishap in the car. As he was leaving Karen's house, he missed the driveway and landed in the ditch!! Poor Lisa was beside herself as you can imagine. She was mighty happy when she arrived to find the air was on and the wine was cold.

We were all good girls. Nobody drank too much, I thought maybe Lisa and I would get a little tipsy. I learnt a long time ago, though, that I only drink too much when it's totally unplanned. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often, I always have heaps of fun during it lol, but the next day isn't pretty. We spent Sunday celebrating Australia Day with my parents, so I'm really pleased I didn't drink too much.

I am very grateful to my lovely husband who made that evening possible. Saturday was a show of his love for me, a recognition of my love for my girlfriends as he sees it, and a wonderful way for me to thank them...... I wanted to make a speech, but I piked out. I can't even think about saying something like that and I begin to get choked up. I wrote to them instead - which isn't the same I know - but it doesn't mean I mean it any less.

Thank you girls for a fabulous night. Thank you Laurent for your culinary skills and for being great fun. Thank you Bunny for making it all possible.

The photos are all out of order, wish blogger would display them in the same order that they're upl

The kids came out to when Laurent presented the cake.

Laurent was very pleased with his cake and my reaction to it



Suzy and I

Lisa and I

Barbi and I

Carrin and I

Karen and I

Laurent in my kitchen


Chris H said...

You all look so very happy! What a wonderful dinner! My mouth drools at the sight of it all! You lucky thing.

t.t. millers said...

I was sorry to hear you were ill. I'm glad you felt better for the dinner. Happy Birthday!! Everytime you write about your cooking - I feel like I died and went to heaven!! :)
ps. Way to go Laurent!


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