Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An enjoyable morning

Lisa wanted a kiss on the cheek and Billy-Joe was far too shy to actually make contact with her face - it was very funny.
The kids and I haven't done anything together for weeks. We've just pottered around at home, and everyone has been pretty happy with that. I have just found, though, that I am always finding 'work' when I'm at home, and I thought it was time to take the kids out.

We headed down to Alex for Cold Rock ice cream and a play in the park. The kids have a lovely time on the playground, and Lis and I had a really nice time catching up. We were both in need of 'girl talk' so it was a very relaxing way to spend the morning. After a play we went to Cold Rock and the kids had an icecream. They are overpriced, but the kids love them, and it's not something we do very often. Lis and I had a coffee in Cotton Tree and I didn't feel like an ice cream anyway. We talked about having lunch out, but both of us had to be elsewhere. We must do that more often. I don't know if I'd like it down there in the midst of holiday season, as it was rather busy but parking wasn't a drama like it would have been in the last few weeks.

We came home. I took Mickey to a friend's place and I just had my lunch and waited for Barbi to come and visit.

Thanks Lis for a lovely morning. We will definitely do it again.

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t.t. millers said...

You look so relaxed! I am yearning for better weather and you picture shows what I am dreaming of!! Good for you to take the time to do NOTHING! Isn't is great!


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