Monday, January 19, 2009

Enjoying the last week

I can't believe that the Christmas holidays are nearly over. None of us are sick of being home. How cool is that? My kids are happy to be home, they play together the entire time, and, apart from a couple of play dates, we've just been home. I've been able to duck out occasionally and do a few errands, and we've visited friends, but mainly we've been home. The weather hasn't really been conducive to the beach of late, so we've not gone. I don have a tentative beach date planned for tomorrow but I'm not sure if we are doing that yet.......

I bought Billy-Joe's school shoes, and was really happy with my find. I bought Rocs which were $39 down from $70. On cleaning out Sammy's and Mickey's shoe part in their cupboard, I discovered that Sammy needs a pair too. Mickey's rub onto his heels and wreck socks, so I think I'll replace his too. Hopefully I can get the for good prices too. My gf has shirts for Billy-Joe and is kindly altering them all for me. I am very very lucky as they are not cheap. I have his sports shirt on order, so will pick that up later this week. It's a Canterbury shirt, so ridiculously over priced. I have two hats, and another two sports hats, so that's covered. I bought him a new belt, two pairs of shorts, and socks. I may add more socks. Billy-Joe will get a hair cut, I'll take him to Cath and she can cut mine then too. He's not keen about getting his hair cut these days, but if it's his Aunty he is fine which is great.

My French Chef came this afternoon, and I can't believe how excited I am about Saturday night. He is the nicest man, and we just chatted like we'd known each other for ages. He is having a book published soon, so that's pretty damn exciting for him. He has the beginnings of a wesite here.

All of my gfs are able to come which is just fabulous. I am looking forward to entertaining them here and having lots of laughs. One of my gfs said how great it would be to have us all together out of our normal Daisy's environment. Especially for my best friend Barbi, who rarely is spoilt, and always manages to spoil everyone else around her.

On Thursday I am going shopping with my Mum. I really need some new napery. I don't know whether to go for a tablecloth or whether I'll get another runner and new place mats. I just want to tizzy up the table so it looks nice. Currently my only good tablecloth for this table, shouts 'Christmas' with it's red and green combo. My mats I've had forever. My parents bought me some and my sil bought me some about 12 years ago, so I think I can shout myself some new ones. We will head out to Pillow Talk. I might go to Spotlight too.

Today I cleaned out Billy-Joe's cupboard. I was able to give some t'shirts to Sammy and make more room in Billy-Joe's cupboard. I took out his primary school uniforms - and put the new stuff away. It's really coming close now - I can't believe my first baby is ready for high school. Bunny and I were talking the other day about how happy we are with our decision to continue him on in the private school system. I can still feel the reluctance I felt when Billy-Joe was small, and I knew he'd have to go to school eventually. I know every school has it's good and bad points, and I can't cast aspersions agains any school. But, I've had experience with them. I've seen the kids that attend there. I've seen the type of parents that pick up their kids. I didn't want my quiet, sensitive child to have to deal with that kind of environment. I don't believe in kids being cloistered, but I want them to have the best atmosphere I can possibly offer them. I know there are feral kids everywhere, but as kids get older, they are so easily impressed and I wanted to reduce that possibility. I also liked the idea of a faith based education. A Catholic school probably wouldn't have beem my first choice, but it's the most affordable one - and let's face it - it's the same God. My faith is strong enough, that I want my children to feel they have the same haven too.

Yes, we made the right decision for all our children. Sammy is getting help he never ever would have received in the state system. We are really blessed to have been able to send them private. One of my reservations about the Catholic High School initially was that I questioned its ability to cater to all the needs of all three of my children. We have decided, that if need be, we can swap over in Year 11 and 12. At this stage, my main concern would be Sammy, if he wants to be involved with animals, he's better off at the other school. I guess the wonderful thing is that we have options. I will also instil in my kids that no life long decisions need to be made whilst still at school. I want them to do their best, so that as many opportunities are opento them that's possible. I think too much pressur is put on kids to decide what their lifelong ambition or career is going to be. What 17 year old knows that??? Not many.

Time for my shower, and it's wine o'clock shortly. I've made a Tikka Masala from scratch today, and it smells divine. If it tastes good, I'll publish it here.

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t.t. millers said...

My husband is a public school teacher in the states. He prefers our boys to go to the public schools. It's not that he doesn't like the private. It is mainly because the teachers in private school can have a degree in (lets say) science but are able to teach history. Where in the public school system you can only teach what you are certified in. He also sees children coming from private into the public system at his school and the majority of students are behind. I'm sure not all schools are like that. Perhaps just the area we live in. I believe the choice is up to the parents to decide what is best for their child.


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