Saturday, June 07, 2008

Some layouts

I haven't uploaded any of my layouts in ages.

Here are some of my latest ones.

Sammy playing the keyboard at Karen and Geoff's house.
Cath and I looking at our booty from out day at Ikea. See the large piece, that's Al's desk that she insisted would fit into my car.....luckily it did!! She couldn't fit it into her car though it was a drama once we got back to my place.

A good fun time with hybrid scrapbooking.
Playing with digital elements, another hybrid page.

I know they are all wonky, I photographed them leaning up on the kitchen bench as opposed to doing them on the floor. I will go back to lying them on the floor and standing over them, a much better image, with no distortion.

1 comment:

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Your hybrid pages especially turned out fantastic!


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