Friday, June 06, 2008

A better day

I am feeling much better within myself compared to the last three days.

It was all precipitated by the appointment I had at the hospital, I am sure. It was a quite stressful day. The arthrogram went okay, just stung when he repeatedly put the needle in the anaethetize my leg. I felt a bit faint at one stage when he put the huge needle in where the dye went through, and he pulled it out and had to re insert it!

The MRI, is enough to drive someone totally insane. I have thought about it a lot since. I found that I had totally had enough. I hate noise, and the noise was too much. Imagine lying in the middle of a construction site, and having heavy machinery and jackhammers going ....... anyway enough of that. Thankfully the thoughts of things like that fade very quickly and at least next time, I will know what to expect.

Today is a good day though. Sammy’s class had a liturgy this morning, so I went and watched him. He is such a darling, and gets such a buzz out of me being there. Actually all three kids really liked having me there. Billy-Joe even spent the time before school started waiting with me and he had four friends with him too, which is pretty cool, that a group of year 7 boys would hang around - pretty neat I thought.

I got home and did my ironing, and vacuuming. Bunny dropped home and we had a chat and had to fix up some banking stuff on the phone. I tell you what, having a techno ignorant husband is funny...... Anyway we have finally set up his account so he can do third party deposits. What a laugh! I am sitting next to him with all his details to hand, and prompting him...... I am glad one of us is up to speed with things lol.....

I pottered around with some of my scrapping stuff in the afternoon, and then walked to pick up the kids from school. I didn’t feel like my long walk, but am really pleased I did the school walk. At least it’s half an hour.

I had another great night scrapbooking, I actually finished a layout. I must photograph and upload some of my latest creations. It’s 1.47am and I really should be in bed. Scrapbooking and spending time with my best friend, is therapy - and I feel much more at peace with myself than I did all this week.

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