Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Murphy's Law of Supply Teaching

I worked yesterday, a pre booked day, which are always the best, and of course I was rung in the morning, to work elsewhere too! Then today, I have my Arthrogram and MRI booked and the Special School contacted me to work. I haven’t worked for them since last term, the day the student hit me. When some time has elapsed between working at a venue, I always start to think, that they don’t want me back, and then in the last two days, the only other two schools that I work for, have wanted me to work. So, even though I couldn’t take the jobs, I was pretty pleased that I am still on their lists. I still like only having a few schools to work at - it increases my level of loyalty to the school and also my familiarity with the school routine and it also gives me a chance to get acquainted with other staff members.

My appointment is in a couple of hours. I have asked my dh to take me there and pick me up. I read the notes on the Arthrogram and it doesn’t sound very nice. I may be in pain afterwards and they suggest that I don’t drive for up to four hours. I will have to go and pick up the kids, but thats three hours later, so I should be okay. I am trying to look at the bright side, and not focus on the fact it’s going to hurt. I get a very quiet day. I get to rest - who knows maybe I can sleep while I have my scan. Methinks, perhaps not, as I will have to lie on my back (I imagine!). I will take my book, I finished Ken Follet’s “PIllars of the Earth” and am about to start his new one, the sequel “World without End”. I won’t get my walk in this afternoon either, so it’s going to be rather relaxing when I get home too. I am hoping that my left side is bad enough to show up on x-ray, as my right side is actually giving me much more trouble at the moment and they will only can one side at a time. If I am lying flat on my back, I have trouble lifting my right leg off the bed - it hurts and isn’t very strong, while at my left leg isn’t too bad. If I do certain stretches, I can feel my left side catching, so I know it hasn’t miraculously healed itself. It will be good to hopefully get a proper diagnosis.

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Tina said...

I hope you've got some answers Jenny and that it wasn't too uncomfortable for you. I must say I haven't heard of what you are having done.

Glad to hear those schools are still wanting you to work. Pity it's not a little more often.


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