Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bad days and better days

LIfe has been up and down, on a pain threshold level. Thankfully, I’m on an up now. I had days in the last two weeks, where I wondered where all this was heading. For far out sakedness, where am I going to end up? Am I going to end up on crutches and hurting every second of the day.

Okay, take a deep breath Jen. It could indeed be a gazillion times worse.

Get a grip, find that strength within you which you know you have, and utilize it to it’s fullest degree.

Self talk, is a wonderful motivator, it can be as inspiring as it can be debilitating. I have talked myself around.

After two weeks of not walking much and feeling like shit, a nice day presented itself and I just had to go out and walk. And walk I did. For most of the walk, every step hurt!! Every time I lifted my right leg, it hurt, it felt like it weighed too much but I just kept plodding along. Polar HRM stats weren’t real flash, but I walked, and I felt warm from the inside out and best of all felt like I had achieved something. Did I hurt more at the end of the day than usual?? No!! Too cool, so I went for another walk yesterday and it was easier

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Yummy Mummy said...

Hope tomorrow is better on the pain!!!

I am really happy tha tyou pushed yourself out of the door and started moving again.. sometimes that effort is all that is needed to start heading in the right direction again!
Hope that you get out again tomorroW!


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