Saturday, September 22, 2007

What difference a week makes.

By Monday, I was not a happy camper at all. My hot flushes were increasing, to the point I had a dozen episodes on Monday night. I worked on Monday, which, was good, because I think it helped me make some decisions.

I am good when I am out and about. I am a good teacher, and I enjoy being in the classroom. I hate feeling like I don't want to do anything. Something is not right, I am not supposed to feel like this.

When I got home from work on Monday, I rang the surgery where I was originally 'prescribed' the progesterone cream. I was told he was on holidays - and that I couldn't get an appointment until the first of November. To say I was a little distressed about this was an understatement but it was actually a blessing in disguise. I hung up from her, after she (receptionist) told me my body was addicted to oral HRT and that if I wanted to I could add a half a tablet to my regime - and made an appointment with my GP. I felt turmoil, because I felt I was going to give up the alternative, more healthy option for a quick cop out.

I saw my doctor the next morning. He told me that he had no evidence of me being menopausal as all my tests had been done at other surgeries. I assured him I DEFINITELY was. He referred me for another blood test. From that day on I was back on my anti depressants. Although their reintroduction has really knocked me, I am sleeping so much better. I have had a couple of really quiet days after driving to work wasn't such a good idea on Wednesday, and I feel rested and relaxed. I also started taking the HRT again on the Monday preempting the doctor's findings. It's now Saturday, my hot flushes have reduced by about 80% and I know I have made the right decision for me. Yes, it's sad I couldn't do it naturally, but I can't keep at something that was becoming quite detrimental to my health and well being.

And to all the proponents of natural hormone treatment - the blood test showed there was next to no progesterone in my blood stream. The small amount which showed in the blood test can be accounted by my progesterone only IUD.

I was prepared to say this isn't for me..............I had no idea I would find out that the cream wasn't even absorbing into my blood stream. This begs the question - are the many women flocking this particular doctor among the 30% for whom a placebo works???

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Suzy said...

Whatever works for you Jenny. It isn't any good sticking to something that you feel isn't working. I'm glad your flushes have now settled.As you say, it's a good thing you had to go back to your GP. The jury is still out with me. Will keep u posted xx


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