Sunday, September 16, 2007


In the midst of the shit week, there was a highlight! There's always a highlight..........

My sister in law and a girlfriend went to Ikea on Wednesday. It had been planned for a very long time. I had a shopping list, complete with measurements. At one stage, I thought the trip would be more of a look trip, rather than a buying trip, because of the money I had to spend on my car. I actually bought lots from my list.

* chest of drawers for Mickey and Sammy. Their old drawer was one we 'adopted' from our first unit together in 1992, it was always meant to be a stop gap, and was never intended for two kids!!

* DVD storage. A funky black and white patterned shelf which can hold up to 88 DVDs
* soft, spongy stuff to put on the bottom of your kitchen drawers, cheap and much nicer than what's available elsewhere
* new tin opener because I thought Bunny lost his from downstairs ( now it's a spare)
* set of four plastic dessert bowls
* set of four glass bowls for using with cooking (like the cooking shows when they precut chilli, measure out bi carb etc)
* wine rack (really cook stainless steel thing which holds about five bottles)
* Stainless steal tissue box
* new ergonomic pillow for Mickey
* two sets of hooks for kids' rooms
* draw inserts (compartment things)

So you can see I did really well. The place is huge, I can't wait to go back again. Even the food at the cafeteria was really nice and very reasonably priced. The dessert, a lemon meringue pie, was divine. The pastry was soft and short, the lemon stuff was creamy......mmmm........just delicious.

I drove there and back, and apart from my steering wheel still vibrating like an out of control sex toy, and getting a little lost coming out of Ikea, that was eventful, and even though I haven't driven in Brisbane for a very long time, I think I did okay. Everyone was back safe and sound.

My car was packed quite full. My gf had the stuff that was the biggest, so the drama continued when on arrival she finally admitted that it wasn't going to fit into her car. (She drives a door wedge!!) Alls well, ends well, a good friend of hers came and took it home for her, that was after her dh drove several kms and couldn't fit it into his work van either lol................ Ah, but she now has an awesome scrapbooking desk, so it's all good!!

I can't wait to go back. I like the CD storage for Billy-Joe's room, they were out of stock, so I would like to get a couple of those. I would also like to look at wardrobe storage. They have some awesome systems there. Lucky the kids are older now, because I could go beserk in the childrens' area.

So, in the midst of my shit week, there were up times too.........

The day after Ikea, I took my car back to the mechanic's (fifth time!!!) and after waiting for two hours, they told me what else I needed replacing........... Cars, they keep us poor lol..................

The weekend has been busy. I slept in late yesterday morning. I couldn't believed that I'd stayed late at scrapbooking, and then perused a book a gf loaned me, and turned the lights out at 2am. Saturday was spent finishing the washing that Bunny had started the night before. I took Billy-Joe to spend the weekend with a mate, for which I was happy for because it changes the dynamics with the two little one's and life is quite peaceful. I came back home and met the plumber who was fixing the leak on our beautiful Kleenmaid oven. I had a nice conversation with him. He is leaving plumbing and going to start a Personal Coaching type business. I was most interested so chatted to him about that...............quite an apt conversation to be having I thought. I told him to send me something when he gets himself set up. Then I went into town and bought some 3/4 pj pants and sleeveless pj tops............we've gone from being cold to balmy summer weather in a matter of a day!! I bought the little ones new jammies too. I took them to Doughnut King, chatted with a friend in Rockmans and bought some new pants and a singlet top, and then headed home where I finished tidying, and folding washing.

Dinner was stir fried vegies plus chicken scrolls from the butcher. Yummo. I had an early night.

Sunday breakfast was Bunny's homemade McMuffin burgers, then I cleaned the beautiful Kleenmaid stove, and the beautiful kitchen, and the crappy bathroom. The kids were good, just playing and Mickey helped me out doing chores, which was great, especially as I didn't ask him to help.

Bunny came home from servicing his car, and then he put together the Ikea drawers. It took 2 1/2 hours....................but looks fantastic and is so much better having all that room. I am very happy with my purchase. The destructions were well pictured and made sense, all the bits were there and everything fitted together really well.

I picked up Billy-Joe and then unpacked some more Tupperware from downstairs, which I washed and put away, putting the rest in a bag for St. Vinnies.

I have had a couple of glasses of wine, and read some of my latest Jodie Picoult book (Vanishing Acts). Bunny is making dinner............gosh I love it when he cooks - what a turn on!!!

Holidays at the end of next week................yeehaaaa!!!



Chris H said...

OOOO shopping.... I looooove shopping, doesn't matter what I'm buying! Looks like you had a ball.... go again soon!

Tina said...

I've just caught up on heaps of posts Jenny. Wow what a shopping spree. We've had an ikea here for a couple of years now but I've never been there. I've heard great reports though.

Sounds like you had a great time.


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