Monday, October 01, 2007

It's been a long time coming.

We have been away for a week, and I will update in a new post and upload some photos too. Something pretty special happened on the last day of our holidays - very emotional and uplifting it was too. Those who know me, know I am the most unsportswomanlike person who ever walked the earth. I hate NRL, even though my boys love it, I hate soccer, I hate sport on TV full stop...... I loved cricket once, when dh no#1 was an avid fan, and I adopted the attitude, 'if you can't beat them, join them' otherwise I would have been left alone much of the time, I admit I grew to love the cricket during the early eighties, even went to the first day/night match at the MCG. But since then my foray into the sporting world is non existent. My love of Geelong, though , has never waned. I felt a little sad when I moved here, that Aussie Rules was not much watched of followed. That's changed of course, with the introduction of the Brisbane Lions. I could have changed sides, but that thought never occurred to me. Even when Geelong was playing at its worst, I never, ever entertained the idea of supporting someone else. Every week I ask my dh if Geelong won, and in the last couple of years, the excitement that maybe a premiership might be looming in the not to distant future, became more of a possibility.

To say that I was excited about Geelong being in the Grand Final was an understatement. We were going to have a BBQ here at home, but my parents are overseas, so there was no point in just us - my brother lives a fair distance away and he is now a Lions supporter, although was naturally Geelong all the way on Saturday. We watched the game, alright, it wasn't a game, it was an annihilation, at the unit in Caloundra. The game started and I felt sick in the stomach. I was so apprehensive and was steeling myself for another grand final loss. I couldn't believe Geelong just take the control of the game like that. It was like there was no other side on the field, absolutely exhilerating to watch..........I cried when they won. I cried when they showed the players' happiness. I cried when Dad smsed me that he cried too, sitting watching it in his Phuket hotel room. My husband and kidlets barrack for Geelong too, to help me and support me, it was a great family experience to share. The kids were so excited - their only connection to the town was when we went in January 2006 - and the fact that I was born and bred there.........

Good on you Geelong! You were the best team in the league this year, you deserved to win. Enjoy the accolades.

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