Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Holiday update

Better late than never.

We had a lovely break, so much so we booked again for next year. We have booked a different unit though, as our usual one is getting a bit 'tired' looking, and by admission of the managers, the owner isn't prepared to pay any money on the place. The new unit has much bigger lounge area, as they have switched the rooms which are dining and lounge areas. They have therefore been abel to fit in a proper lounge suite which looks really nice, and actually looks comfortable. Hopefully the bed is more comfortable as the bed I slept in was terribly, terribly uncomfortable. My upper back killed me, I had to take pain killers every morning, and my whole body just felt like it had been hit by a truck. How happy I was when I went back into my own bed and it took a few days for the pain to disappear. I have enough trouble anyway the last thing I need is a crap bed.

I loved the holiday, because the most difficult decision I had to make was what to eat and what to do! We ate lots of scrummy things like, waffles for breakfast, frappes for afternoon tea, thai take away (twice), once even the kids had it and really enjoyed it, lunch at the RSL, which was okay but nothing flash. On the last night we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant which we all really enjoyed and was very reasonably priced.

The weather was perfect for us. The days were quite warm with a sharp contrast to the nights, which were still quite cool. The kids swam every day, I only swam a few times, as I have to be hot before I will swim. We went to Golden Beach and took the kayak, I didn't row this time, not warm enough for me lol, Moffat Beach which I really loved, it's gorgeous there. It was a little windy but I enjoyed sitting and reading my book, while the kids played in the sand and then went and explored the rock pools with Daddy.

We walked from our unit to Kings Beach and made the kids play in the fountain. Far out, sometimes they can seem ungrateful................I told then we are going to the fountain and you will play in it, because I want to take photos. This was after the grumbles when they found out where we were going. Needless to say they just loved the fountain and we had to coerce them back out again. We swam in the Kings Beach pool. Fabulous set up, having a pool right on the beach, and it was free. I did go in because I was quite warm from the walk, but the water was freezing, though I was back in Geelong.........but it was refreshing and cooled everyone down. It was all too much for Sammy and he just laid on the bench. Bunny bought us all an icecream.........I had a caramel magnum.......mmmm delish - decadent, oh and I think the calories fell out of the packet when I opened it. (I wish!!)

The Dragon Boat races were also on, and this was a bonus and ended up being quite an emotional procession when the ladies took to the streets. There were ladies, from all over the country and from overseas countries too, there were many Canadians and they were just lovely to the kids, giving them badges, lollies and arm bands. It was emotional to stand there and watch all these ladies parade, in all their finery, some to sick to walk, and realize they had all been touched by breast cancer. The kids loved it, and Peter and I felt quite overwhelmed by what these ladies represented. They are so brave and so proud.

We all had a great time, it was really special to spend so much time together. The kids enjoyed having their Daddy around all the time. They fished most days and we all spent time at the pool. Sammy and Mickey's confidence has improved greatly in the water.

Now for some photos, hope they are all self explanatory.


Yummy Mummy said...

What cute kids~~~ Looks like they had a ball!!

Suzy said...

So glad you had a lovely holiday. The photos are great!
Looks like the boys are really enjoying themselves.


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