Thursday, March 02, 2006

My first day

Well what a day! As luck would have it, the day that I had an organized volunteer day was also the day that Tracer called, and I would have had a paid teaching day. Nevertheless, I was really taken with everything at the Special School. I learnt so much on my first day. The setup there is fantastic, they are well resourced, it's clean, well organized and has the loveliest people working there. The teachers that I dealt with today, was just the most pleasant and amazing people. The work they do is great, their dedication to the kids is inspiring. I'd love to be like them one day. I think I did really well today, nothing that happened today repulsed or shocked me. I was well prepared mentally, and for that I thank the power of prayer, and my own ability to adapt to new situations.

I worked in three different areas. I also had the privilege of working with young kids and then with teenagers. All were different, but also very similar too, as their needs are all the same basic and fundamental needs of us humans. Caring for these individuals is a huge part of the job, and I that appeals to the part of me that always wanted to be a nurse.

I can't wait to do more volunteer days there, and I definitely am looking forward to doing a supply day there.......

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