Monday, March 13, 2006

Still Going.

I am now in my seventh week of No count. I am still doing really well. I am enjoying how I am feeling. I love the food, so there's no drama there. Not having to count every single morsel that enters my mouth is so liberating. I can have a couple (not many) treats over the weekend, so I choose them very wisely.

I have a couple of challenges coming up in the next couple of weeks. Db is getting remarried on the weekend, and then dh's parents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in another two weeks time. I will eat and choose wisely, and not drink too much either.

I know I can do this.........I am in for the long haul. I was wearing some shorts yesterday that I bought before Christmas. They were on special and were too tight. I knew that I would lose weight and they would fit..........well............they are too big now, I am always hitching them up................gosh that's a fabulous feeling. At another time, I bought singlet top which was bit tight, I wouldn't wear it when I first bougth it home, I felt like the michelin man in the top, too many lumps happening on my back...........!!! Now the top looks great.......

I love spending time on the WW forums, some great people there, and it's very comforting knowing there are others doing the same journey as I am.........

Look forward to weigh in on Wednesday as I haven't weighed in for two weeks, because of Sammy being sick last week..........

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Tash said...

Hi there,

I've been searching for Robin Purcell's b/w action on google for days now, and I was brought to your blog.
Please oh please can you tell me where you downloaded it from?
I'm really itching to try it out.
Thanks so very much


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