Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well it's happened.........

Well it's absolutely amazing how one's life can go sometimes. Out of the last two weeks I have spent four days working as a relief teacher. I am amazed on many different levels.

* I am enjoying it heaps
* I can actually still do it
* It doesn't feel like ten years since I was last in front of the classroom
* The kids like me
* I can still cope at home
* I am not exhausted

Then this morning, the principal rang and asked me if I would be available for about three or four weeks next term, with the possibility of a contract for the whole term. I am really excited!!! Can you believe it? I am a teacher lol............. Somewhere in my dim, dark, previous life, I actually went to university!!! I have to pinch myself that I am actually a teacher, someone who is trained to plan, teach and evaluate, someone who is capable of earning good money, someone my dh and kids are really proud of. I bless the day that my dh, then very new boyfriend, encouraged me to do my degree. I was a mature aged student at the time, and university was a far cry from my life prior to then. We always said that it would be a good profession to get into, especially if we were to have children.

I am sitting here writing this with a very light and happy heart. I am so proud of myself. This has given my confidence an awesome boost...........

I find out on Monday, the exact details of my time at the school......

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