Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slack Blogger

I've not posted in so long, it's almost ridiculous. Thankfully a blog holds no grudges nor dishes out recriminations.

Dot point:

- exams are done and dusted. This semester I only had one. I'm grateful for the week off that I had to study. I think I did okay in it. We went to dinner afterwards to celebrate. An almost euphoric feeling. With relief.

- Tanzania is only three and a half weeks away. Still can't get my head around the fact that I'm actually going. Still have to book accommodation in Dubai. Will do that Sunday.

- they changed the rules and as Tanzania was originally classed as our placement, I didn't do a day a week during the semester. I'm glad I didn't as with the anaemia I was exhausted. Now, however I'm having to do a two week block. This gives me a week off before I go, to spend with the kids and to organize last minute things.

- this Saturday we are bringing forward our Christmas Eve celebrations. It will be much simpler than in years gone by as I've not had the time to prepare and bake. So there won't be the Austrian home baked goodies. Not unless I find an energy spurt of an evening later this week.

- Mum and Ricky have assured me that I can keep it simple. At this stage I'm even trying to figure out when to clean !!!! Let alone prepare a divine meal. Ahhh well it will come together. The main thing is we're all in the same place, enjoying each others company, laughing, drinking and eating good food.

- yesterday was my first day on Prac. I'm at a rehabilitation hospital. It's a private centre focussing on post stroke, and post surgery patients. I enjoyed it, but much prefer the more acute setting. I do enjoy the patient contact and working with RNs.

- I'm so tired. Some days I question why I'm doing this at my stage in life. But I'd forever regret it if I didn't qualify. There's so much potential. So many avenues to explore. It's been an interest and a passion of mine for so long. I'd be doing myself an injustice if I didn't do it.

- I'm going to miss my family while I'm away. I'm already finding special little things that I love especially about each one and that I want to take with me. The kids are growing and changing so much.


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