Friday, November 02, 2012

Retreat weekend

I've not been to a retreat for quite a while. I've not allowed myself that amount of time out as my schedule has needed the weekends to get a lot of work done. This weekend I've made an exception. My friends have asked me to come along and I was quite touched by that. I know that I don't have anything pressing that needs doing either so can afford the time. I hope I can manage sitting all weekend. My back hasn't been the best and I've been tired the last few days. Probably because I'm feeling overwhelmed and sleeping is therapeutic.

I still don't know how many of us are effected by the placement hassle, but there's at least six of us I know about. One lass has pulled out of the trip, although I'm not sure why. Those two weeks were earmarked for working for many of the girls so their spending money has been reduced as they now have to attend Prac. I initially wanted to cancel my camera class and felt so overwhelmed about our Christmas but now that the shock has worn off I know I'll manage. I was going to the inaugural end of year uni nursing dinner and will have to bow out of that. It is on the weekend we've planned our Christmas dinner.

I am going to a rehabilitation centre which looks after people on an inpatient and outpatient basis. They look after neurological disorders, post stroke patients, people taking too long to mend after surgery, people after amputations and so forth. I know I'll enjoy it there. It won't be as physically demanding and tiring as the hospital.

Today was my last lecture for the semester. I have only one exam in two weeks exactly. Can't believe another semester is done. Only one more and I'm an RN. It excites me just thinking about that. Next semester I've only got one subject left, all the rest are practicals and placements.

It's only six weeks till we leave for Tanzania. The flights are paid, I bought my vaccinations today, my accommodation is paid. My visa application is in being processed. I know the time beforehand is going to fly.

Today is All Souls Day. Thinking of you my dear Dad. I talk to you everyday. Love you and miss you so very much.
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Teddyree said...

Was such a treat spending time with you on the weekend. Can't believe Tanzania has come around so quickly and I'm sure it'll fly for you being so busy. I know the placement threw you for a while, when you have carefully laid plans or a tight schedule, changes are always challenging to deal with but you seem to have processed it all now and found ways to deal with the speed bumps :)

Enjoy the time with your wonderful family on your pre-Christmas Christmas


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