Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pre Uni Academic Skills

So far this week, is fabulous at uni. I'm pleased I enrolled in these preparation courses.

Not only have I learned some new skills, I've learned that some of the skills I have are indeed good ones and real skills. Not just something I made up, lol.......very heartening for me. The lecturer today was different to yesterday's and I really liked her presentation style. She's funny, interesting and delivers information in a way that suits me. Even her revision of yesterday's information, made me realize the value of the day, much more than yesterday's teacher did. I'm so excited, even more so than before.

Yesterday focussed on note taking skills and today was effective reading. I feel like I'm going to attack my workload in a much more methodical and efficient way. Thank God, I thrive on structure. I am so much more aware of what's available too, insofar as assistance goes. Perhaps things are much better organized now than they were 20 years ago. Certainly having access to the info on the net makes things much more readily accessible.

Unfortunately, there's no one in my course, doing this prep stuff, but I've met some nice people already, and, have had the opportunity of passing on knowledge that's been given to me by my friends and niece who are currently studying.

It was so good having the kids back at school today. I was up early, and had dinner in the slow cooker by 7.45am. Silly me, didn't consider that I was out each morning this week, when I planned slow cooker meals on the menu for this week. The kids have come home happy and positive, and apart from the usual hassles of getting Sammy to focus (it's 5pm and he's STILL sitting there doing his homework!!!!) it's been a good afternoon. I added some things to the slow cooker, went down to the treadmill, did some weights and my stretches and am now enjoying a glass of wine, all showered and dinner is simmering away.

I'm happy, I'm excited, I have a goal and a purpose!

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

That's excellent Jenny! I often get my slow cooker meals ready the night before, so I'm essentially cooking two meals at once but it really saves time the next morning when all I've got to do is grab it out of the fridge and put it on to cook.
So glad your enjoying this week. I'm knee deep in assignments but took today out to scrap with Sheree which was really nice. Also, well done of the walking. I started out doing 10 minutes a day on the treadmill so you are doing well. I'm really enjoying my walking, helps clear my head and focus for the day. Take care, will see you in a few weeks!


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