Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy times and lots on my mind

It's been a huge week, finished off with a very relaxing few days.

The entire week was filled with doctor's appointments, re testing of my eyes and we celebrated Mickey's birthday. My baby turned ten. My beautiful youngest child, who is full of energy and so full of life. He embraces everything he does with a passion and attacks it full on. He's growing up very quickly. In part because he's the youngest but also because he's extroverted and full of enthusiasm. He's played golf six times this week and Peter says he's improving in leaps and bounds. He already hits further off the tee than his father does, much to Peter's chagrin. He's already set his eyes on playing a few competitions next year. We don't push him and are just encouraging his love for the sport and share in his excitement. We have no intention of becoming overbearing and pushy parents. Thank God we've never wanted to live vicariously through our children.

Mum and Dad came on Tuesday evening to celebrate Mickey's birthday. I made a lasagna and salad, a flour less chocolate cake and iced cup cakes for his birthday dinner. They also came on Saturday night aid had a ball that day cooking for them. I made a French onion soup, roasted pork belly and a panna cotta for dessert.

Monday I went to the doctor and had blood tests to check my immunity levels on communicable diseases. Sammy was still coughing so he had a nasal swab and blood test for whooping cough.

In the afternoon I decided to attack the treadmill again. On my physio's recommendation I bought Gel heel raises for my track shoes. I walked for 15 minutes and joked for a few of them. It felt good and the pain didn't get that bad that I had to stop.

The next day I wanted to take the kids to Caloundra to walk along the boardwalk as it was a glorious day. We got five meters from the car and turned right around and headed back to the car. It was windy and the wind was quite chilly. Not at all conducive for a nice walk. Instead I took them for ice cream and then we visited Nanny and Darby. They were both well and I'm glad we popped on.

When we got home Peter had lain the slab for our carport. Hopefully next week our cars will be off the road. No more grass dragged into my car or inside. We've talked about doing it for years and it's finally going to be a reality. I hope the roof comes on it soon too. No more worrying when we have hail storms especially with my new car.

The next day I had my eyes rechecked and my glasses will be remade as I'm having trouble reading the MacBook or iMac with them. The reading part is in a different place from my previous pair. Thankfully they can change my new pair so I'll be able to use them for my studies. I thought that my prescription had changed so much that they weren't suitable for intermediate length work anymore.

I took Sammy back to the doctor after a phone call in the morning confirmed that he did indeed have whooping cough. I'm immune to whooping cough and will require a HepB booster and a regime for Hep A. Sammy is on antibiotics for five days. It's ironic really as he's much much better, I'm glad I took him though and even happier knowing that now he's definitely immune. The rest of the family must be too as everyone is well.

Friday I hibernated. Between appointments, errands, chores and taxiing kids around all well and having loads on my mind I needed Friday to regroup and catch up on rest. I slept in late, and had a Physio appointment. My back was still not good from the day spent at the airport. When I got home from the appointment, I laid down and actually slept for two hours. I went out to Daisy's and was almost considering not going to the Scrap for Charity for the next day. In the morning I decided to do my ironing first, I hate havin a big job hanging over my head. I'd slept extremely well the night before and felt surprisingly good. My hip and back felt heaps better so the thought of sitting all day didn't seem to daunting.

I had a lovely day. I made some nice cards, enjoyed seeing my friends, especially one of my closest, whom I'd not seem since before I went away. Barbi catered, the food was good and one lady Yvonne, made a divine cheesecake. I will get that recipe.

Today I went to church. I'd missed it and really enjoyed the service. I feel at peace within myself today. I've been thinking so much all week, I'm so nervous and worried about what's ahead of me. I had some kind words spoken to me yesterday. Encouragement which was timely. I'm concerned my academic skills are gone. Concerned that my memory will fail me.

I know I don't need to be exceptionally brilliant to become a nurse, which is good because I'm far from it. My interest and passion for knowledge in this field will see me through. I'm so keen to start. My wonderful family is so full of support too. We know we are headed for different times. I'm so blessed that my Faith is playing an important role for me too. I can't do this alone.

This week will be interesting. I've enrolled in some pre uni classes. It's been a long time and I'm keen to revise those skills and learn some new ones.

Off to bed now. A big week ahead. The kids have one day more off, and Peter is still off this week.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Jenny I know exactly how you feel. But you can do it. The anxiety is all part of it. Great idea about the academic skills. Have a great week!


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