Monday, July 25, 2011

I have begun

I still can't believe that I've been accepted into Uni and that I've officially started today. The academic skill stuff, and much of the 'housekeeping' side of things has been done. I still need to do my First Aid course. I had it booked in for last Wednesday, so I could get it done, before formal studies commenced but the course was cancelled due to insufficient numbers. Not sure when I'll do it now, am toying with the idea of doing much of it via e-learning, and then just doing the practical exam component face to face. It means it doesn't take out a whole day somewhere down the track for me.

I'm grateful for my analytical and pedantic tendencies. Without those personality traits, things would be so much more difficult for me. I've got the menus planned for this week and next, the kids' have their chore charts written up. I've had a lecture this morning. Not sure if I'll continue with that one, as she spoke to the powerpoint, which we have access to on the net anyway. I'd already completed the pre reading task but hadn't taken many notes, as I wanted to see in what kind of depth the lecture went. I'm glad I didn't write to any great depth, as the info is quite vast. I now know to what level I need to study for.

I'm pleased too, that so much is on the net. The only lecture notes I had 20 years ago, were the ones I wrote. Mind you, toward the end of my degree, there was the odd lecture I didn't attend, as it was simply powerpoints from a chapter in our textbook. So much easier for me to read an do my own notes. On Mondays, I'm there twice, with a trip home in between. So I'll see how I go. It was interesting this afternoon, with the kids doing their homework and me sitting down doing some too.

I've met some nice people already. One lady, travels from Gympie, she's got three kids too, but unfortunately doesn't have a supportive husband like I do. I wonder if she'll be able to complete the degree. He's using emotional manipulation on her, making her feel guilty. I'm blessed as Peter and the kids are being so supportive. I couldn't do it without their support, so I pray she's able to continue. She's quite worried too about the degree, even though she has a science degree, which is about as old as my teaching degree, she's concerned about writing essays and the IT side of things. I'm not concerned on either of those points.

This is an exciting time.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

That's fantastic Jenny, so glad you had a good first day. Yep, being super organised certainly does make life easier!


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