Friday, February 11, 2011

Test drove another car today

Another good day today. I went to Sammy and Mickey's school assembly, and I was there for quite a while. Sammy's class presented an item, and it was quite pertinent. The presentation was based on the fact, that, even though we've had these disasters of late, floods, cyclones and bushfires, and the tragic loss of lives, there are many things to be thankful of. We can't take away from the severity or the sadness that these have created, but we can thank God, for the miracles that still take place. It was good for the kids to do something like that, and, I think the message would have brought comfort to some of the parents there too. Sammy often says to me, there are no miracles anymore, but there are miracles around us all the time. A seed growing, a flower budding and a child being born. One doesn't have to look to far to see miracles around us everyday.

After the assembly I zoomed home as I was very thirsty, and then I thought I'd better get some fuel before it goes up for the weekend. I was unable to release my fuel cap. I have a latch beside my seat and it wasn't opening the cap. So, I headed down to my mechanic, who glued something, and left my cap open so I could go and get fuel. I was well and truly on empty by this stage. I filled up and came home. I baked some choc chip cookies for a morning tea tomorrow and did some chores and then headed out to Nissan to test drive the new Micra, pictured above. I think these look very cool on the road, and they're marketed as a 'girl's car'. They've got all the latest bells and whistles and are very reasonably priced. I test drove the 1.2L which was interesting as I've never driven a three cylinder car before. I was impressed..... It's got a lot more oompf than my (nanna) camry!!! Even though I'm going to test all these cars, I'm pretty sure we'll go for a Ford, but I need something to compare cars against. The guy at the dealership, was young and very helpful and told me heaps about the car. He explained all the safety features, which I was impressed with. I also looked but didn't drive the Tiida, it's a great little car. The Micra was surprisingly roomy,I was very much surprised. My boys could easily fit in the car, without their knees under their chin. The guy said he sold a Micra to a lady with three kids just the other day.

I'm off to shower shortly and head out for another night at Daisy's.

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