Thursday, February 10, 2011

A good day

Another layout for my Christmas 2009 Album (I'm such a goombah, my middle son, just saw this on my iMac and said 'Mummy, you've made a mistake, this wasn't 2009 it was 2010', what was I thinking of, I'm supposed to be working on old photos......grrrr)

It's been a good week. Yesterday I headed to Brisbane again to spend the day with Barbi, Holly and Jas. We went back to Ikea, to pick up the rest of my chair, I ended up getting the white seat. Jas' eyes were wide as we walked around the store. I bought a few more bits and pieces, it's not an easy place to walk through without buying anything. I got some tea towels, they're cheap and were worth trying, some plastic cups, a mattress protector.

Then we drove to Nathan Campus to organize Holl's ID. We then dropped the girls off at QPAC as they were booked in to see 'Wicked'. We then had quite a few hours on our own. We headed to Koorong and browsed around the books, and bought some too of course. Afterwards we headed to Maccy D's and availed ourselves of their free (lousy) wifi. We got some work done, but the connection was so slow, and we had to resort to taking notes on paper - can you believe that?? We enjoyed a late lunch, and left there around 5.30pm to pick up the girls after they'd shopped in the mall after the show. We didn't get home until nearly 8pm as the traffic was heavy and we got lost.......I wonder how many cities there are in the world that consist of one way streets?? It's a nightmare of a place to navigate. I would have to go there so regulary as to actually become familiar with the place. The one way roads do my head in. Barbi does so well, even though she's not 100% familiar with the city, she's great, and even if she makes an error she can so easily fix it. I am happy to say though, that I could find my own way to Ikea lol........

I had a nice evening catching up with Peter and then I headed to bed fairly late. I actually slept well, which was just bliss. Of late I've been waking and finding it really hard to go back to sleep. My eternal problem which has always been fixed with medication, and I think that because my GP is weaning me off my HRT, this is causing sleep disturbances. On another medication front, my arthritis has been really bad for the last couple of months. My fingers are so sore, I'm struggling to do lots of 'normal' things. I've been on my arthritis medication for 7 months now, and I'm not sure if they're helping that much. I've been waiting for ages to go and see my specialist, and I'm not booked in until the end of the month. Hope we can do something.....I'm even finding it hard getting my rings over the knuckles, massaging the kids or Peter, grabbing something in one hand without the support of the other, even something as light as large envelope of papers. I'm always frightened when Peter grabs my hand that he'll squeeze my fingers together like he often does, although he's getting used to not doing it.

This morning I headed into the shops and bought my out of stock Coles items, well some anyway, as I couldn't get fresh coriander at Woolies either. I tried to put my chair together, but didn't have the strength in my hands so Bunny did it later for me. I'm glad I got the white one, it looks good, and works well with my iMac and my white desk, even though it's in my lounge which is predominantly red. I had to catch up on my washing, seeing as I wasn't home yesterday. My groceries arrived and I put them away. I did quite a bit of the work which Barbi and I had talked about yesterday, so I was pleased with that. In the afternoon, I completed the second page of my album. I also set up DropBox, which is a cloud app which can sync documents between my computers and devices. A great way of having important things on all devices. Nothing more frustrating than having to email oneself important data.

Mickey cooked this afternoon, he's made little quiches. We made them in muffin pans using puff pastry. He's surprisingly quite comfortable in the kitchen, he's a good listener and an excellent follower of instructions and when I've shown him something. Thank God, as Sammy is hard work to show something, because even at 11 he knows everything, and won't stop and let me finish showing him. Plus he's awkward around food preparation. I thought Mickey would be the same as I figured it was an age thing.

We're having a Roast pumpkin and feta salad, with spinach, barley and chicken. It should be yummy. I bought a Super Food Ideas magazine this week, and it's my adaptation of a recipe in there.

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