Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Take 3

This is my second attempt at blogging today. I'd done an entire post earlier, via Picasa and it had a conniption. I wasn't impressed, because there's no back button so I couldn't even go back to copy and paste.........hence the post title.

Actually 24 hours have gone by, best laid plans and all.......

Actually it's now Take 3, because of the time that has elapsed, I needed to create another post ......

It's been great with the kids at school. I must say I'm enjoying having my days back to myself. I seem to get more things done, and am able to spend some time doing things for myself which is nice. Although, having said that, with the heat, I've been doing the minimum. The weather last week was so humid, I found it hard to do anything other than my chores. I'd made such a good start with doing things, and last week fell in a heap, so I thought all my motivation was back in the dumps where it was. Yesterday a cool change came through, and, even though I've not been sleeping properly, I was awake at 5am, up at 6am and managed to do heaps of different things yesterday. I don't  mind napping on a Sunday or on a Friday afternoon before scrapbooking, but in the last 2 weeks, I've been having a snooze every afternoon. I now realize, it was the heat just sapping the energy out of me.

I've got things I want to finish, one of them being my Christmas 2009 album. I've opted for digital, so above is my first page. I've half done my second page today. I had a fair bit of spare time today, but I ended up with a slight change of plans. I dropped into Daisys to collect some work, and I stopped and chatted to some girlfriends, which was lovely. I could have stayed and chatted more, but Cath rang and was dropping in with some things she wanted to give the boys. She stayed two and a half hours which was so good, just to chat and catch up. 

Rusty, was castrated today. I picked him up from the vet's after I picked up the boys from school. He's fairly active for someone who's had surgery. I missed him today, he's such good company and it didn't seem the same without Rusty sitting on the Time Capsule while I work.

Tomorrow I'm off to Brisbane again with Barbi. Holly is going to see 'Wicked' with her girlfriend and Barbi and I will camp somewhere, preferably with wi fi and good coffee!!!

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