Friday, December 03, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

This time of the year is always so very busy. I'm not buying huge amounts of gifts this year, but still there's lots to do. One thing I'm really pleased with though, is that I've not had a panic attack yet. Thank the Lord. I was actually supposed to go and see the counsellor prior to this season beginning, but I just didn't get there. The last few years, it's started by the time Suzy's Christmas Album is on. This year, was a test as I had to be in two places at once on that same morning, so if it was going to start, that was a perfectly stressful morning to start. Instead, I had a lovely day. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It's lovely to be playing with all those beautiful products and me not having to think too much about it. Suzy puts in so much prep time, so even though they're quite complex pages, the instructions and planning she puts into it, makes it a joy to work through. Plus I worked with Karen, who took me under her wing, seeing as I had to step out for an hour, and she helped me so that at the end of the session we were basically up to the same page.....anyway, again I digress, but no panic attacks.

Today, however, has been a little full on and I can feel I'm borderline, but still okay. I have had a huge week, actually a few big weeks and today has been incredibly busy with a few curve balls thrown in. Dear Bunny was booked in for his three yearly colonoscopy today, an appointment I'd scheduled over a month ago for 11 am. When they rang yesterday to confirm the booking they said it was for 4pm. Peter had already started the fasting and drinking the solution, and he'd stayed home from work all afternoon to do this. Neither of us were very happy about this as they wouldn't put us back to the original time and Peter rightfully so, didn't want to postpone it to another day.He's already spent the last few days on a restrictive diet and just wants to get it over and done with. It means, however, that I'm not free to go out when I want to tonight, as I will have to go and pick him up. He would have been home well and truly by the time the procedure is now going to happen, and there's no way we would have accepted such a late time slot. To add insult to injury the procedure has a $440 out of pocket expense, which is an added inconvenience.

Anyway, because Peter is home, I've put him to work to help me today. He did a fastidious vacuum of the house today, as both Rusty and Izzy have fleas. They are both being treated, Rusty topically and Izzy with Proban, (systemically). Thankfully there were no fleas in any of the filters, after the house was done, so I'm still unsure where it's coming from. Then, Rusty has the runniest poos!! I think because he's a guts and has been eating Izzy's food. Change of diet isn't good for their little tummies, so I went out today and spent a king's ransom on good quality kitten food and more topical flea treatment. Hopefully we can eradicate them.

I also cannot find clear cellophane in this town anywhere!!!! I want to wrap some small gifts and really wanted clear cellophane. I had to buy coloured stuff in the end. Ah well, it's only going to end up in the bin anyway. I made some gift cards, just simply for what I want to use tonight and I'll make some more with a little extra on them that I can use later. Again it's going to end up in the bin, so no point stressing there.

Seeing as Peter's home today and our toilet has been leaking I asked him to fix it. So, he went out and bought new washers, which were too tight. Then when he tried to flush it the first time, the pressure was too great, and the water exploded out EVERYWHERE!!!! All over the walls and the ceiling!! So glad I wasn't in there when that happened! Now, however, because of the black stuff in the tank, it's stained the outside of the tank, so, no, my toilet looks even more revolting than it did before! I want one of those completely ceramic toilets. One that I can keep scrupulously clean and that will never discolour with age. I said to Peter, to buy me one for Christmas.......I really wouldn't mind.

Because today was the last day of school, I left it up to the kids whether or not they wanted to go for the half day. They were playing games and there was a liturgy for the Year 7s that were leaving. Mickey said he wanted to go, so I said they can both go. However, I'd not put my alarm on, and, had another crappy night's sleep so was fast asleep when Mickey came in to tell me it was 7am!! I got up about 40 minutes later and just pottered around, happy that I didn't have to rush anywhere. Then, Mickey tells me about 20 mins before school starts that his desk is still full of his stuff!!! Why oh why couldn't he have told me that last night, or earlier in the morning. I was rather peeved.

I took him out later to pick up his stuff.

So now we're all home, we've still got this appointment to get through this afternoon. Hope it all goes well for my dear Bunny. They quite often take off polyps which is good, and of course the reason he has this done regularly.

I'm looking forward to tonight, as Alaine and Sheree are coming from Brisbane to spend the evening with us @ Daisy's. It was Barbi's birthday yesterday, so another reason for tonight being a good night.

I need a wine though!!

I'm teaching tomorrow, which I'm not real impressed about, and next Saturday. I'll be happy when they're both out of the way.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

WOW, you certainly had a busy time of it. So glad we came up to visit, it was just what we both needed. Hope you have a wonderful lead up to Christmas and that you manage to stay relaxed and as stress free as possible! xoxo


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