Monday, December 06, 2010

Reverb 10

I know how dreadful I am with projects of this nature. Project 365, was Project 2 when I did it, and I can't remember the last time I finished an entire digi scrapping class.........Anyway, seeing as this was only for a month, and I didn't need to do anything other than write, I thought I might just be able to manage this.

This project is based on the ideas from here.

Day 1. (I know I'm behind already, give me a break and I will attempt to catch up)
I need One Word that encapsulates 2010, and I have to explain why I've chosen it.

My word which encapsulates 2010 is NEW. Now I can't even remember what word I chose last year to be my word for this year, but on reflection that word captures everything for me. NEW.
NEW me
NEW body
NEW optimism
NEW me

When I look at the word, I wish, very much that I could have written, "NEW but really just the old come back"........but I can't write that.

I have felt new in so many different ways this year. Earlier this year I finally went to a new GP and poured my heart out, on the advice of my physiotherapist. I went for the holistic approach, rather than just going to the GP and addressing the worst ailment as is my general MO, I told her everything that was wrong with me........Lord only knows why I hadn't done that earlier.

The upshot was, that I went to the specialist too which has addressed my pain issues, and the new meds my GP put me on, has turned me into a new woman. A much happier woman. A woman who is now good to live with, and who has more tolerance. I like being with myself much more nowadays.

My only regret is that I hadn't been put on these meds earlier..........hence saying that I can't even say the 'new me is like the old me was' because I've never been that good before.

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