Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A good day

I'm weary, so happy to be sitting down. I went shopping today with my Mum and Dad. We did much of our Christmas shopping. It was an easy shop, as this year's Christmas is very small. Seeing as we bought a gorgeous pedigree Burmese kitten, we have sacrificed a lot of our Christmas savings. I'm okay with that, as the joy and love we'll get from Rusty, will be so much more than a heap of toys which for the most part aren't played with enough. Although with screen time being delayed, I'm so happy to see the Legos being played with again. Today I bought Mickey some books, and Billy-Joe a watch, I think I'll add a Lego set for Sammy and Mickey and that's it. I bought my Dad a book and my parents in laws a novel each too. I bought Peter a nice shirt for golf and a cool pair of shorts, black and white check, just perfect for golf.

Mum and Dad took me to Sizzler for lunch, and it was very nice. I tend to have the same things though, the Taco beef on corn chips with the guacamole and jalapenos. And the dessert too of course. The apple pie, custard, and the trifle were delicious. We were gone all day. I came home long enough to say hello to the kitties and decide what I'm cooking for dinner and then I had to head out and pick up the tiddlywinks from school.

Once home, I've done my jobs. The dinner is very simple as dear Bunny is having a colonoscopy on Friday and therefore can't eat anything with fibre in it. So sausages and mashed potatoes (in the thermo) for the kids and the mash with a pork chop for Bunny. I'll have fruit I think. I'm not hungry and need nothing with any substance after a lunch out.

Now I'm sitting down, my feet are weary, but I'm content.........

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Chris H said...

There is nothing like a lovely day spent out shopping and enjoying a yummy lunch....oh and your new kitten is very cute.... for a cat! lol
I'm a wee dog person! *smiles*


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