Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning

I've been on the hunt for a new blogging program. I've used MacJournal, which is great, but doesn't support uploading images to Blogger. I've also tried Journler, but it doesn't support image uploads either. I've tried Ecto and it crashed. Picasa uploads photos successfully to Blogger, but only four at a time, which is annoying sometimes. Now I'm trialling Blogo, it uploads images fine, and resizes them too which is great. I hope the new iPhoto will support image uploads.

Izzy went to the vet this morning for her second round of vaccinations. In two weeks she'll be neutered. Sammy went to the GP, his asthma has flared up and is quite worrying. It's still not something I've come completely to grips with. Asthma is one of those things that many people become complacent about and are also basically ignorant about, probably because it's so prevalent amongst kids. The bottom line is Asthma is unpredictable and a killer!! Certainly not to be taken lightly or without the correct treatment. Sammy is going to his first camp on Wednesday and I want him to be as well as can be, and to have his asthma plan all up to date, in the event that something happens. Thankfully they're in civilization and close to medical facilities.

Actually one thing I really like about this program is that you can drag and drop pics - very helpful. I've got some Daisy work done today, not as much as I'd like to though. Being out with appointments this morning put the kibosh on that.

I am really enjoying reading and listening to audiobooks at the moment. I'm into reading Harlan Coben as recommended by my good friend Sheree. I'm also reading the millennium series by Stieg Larsson at the moment. I am trying to get my Dad into audiobooks, but unfortunately my purchased ones don't work on his computer.


Moonie said...

Oh Jenny this is such a darling of a photo!!! I just love it xxxx

Chris H said...

I keep meaning to try audiobooks... *sigh*.. time is an issue usually!
Lovely photo of your son too.


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