Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Days I once only dreamed of

I can remember when Billy-Joe was in pre-school and I had a toddler and a baby at home, mothers telling me how wonderful school holidays were...... I almost cringed when they told me....I hated school holidays coming up. It left me with the same feeling I have nowadays when someone tells me they're moving house, or having a baby..... I have a deep thankfulness within that says 'Thank God it's not me'.

How do you get to that point? It's never going to happen that I'll feel calm and relaxed with kids around....not until they leave home lol....

Holidays now are so different. They're fun, for the most part calm and so much more relaxed, even moreso that I could ever have hoped for.

I've spent this morning lying by the pool, finishing my book. My tan is developing nicely and I'm feeling healthy and happy. Dear Bunny took the kids fishing and brought home some fresh bread and ham for a late lunch. The kids played in the pool for a bit and then we sat outside with them too.

At 4pm we headed out to walk along the beach. It was just the most beautiful day. Actually these kinds of days are rare here. It was hot, but not too hot. It was breezy but not too windy. The air was balmy and felt good on my sunkissed skin. The kids played along in the water while we walked along. We walked for about an hour and a half. We visited one of the pizza shops to pick out our pizza for dinner later.

Once home, we sipped wine by the pool and watched as the kids played. I even jumped in quickly too cool off and then Sammy and I headed for a nice warm shower.

Dinner was delicious and now we're sitting down watching 'The Goonies', well I'm pretending to watch it.... My MacBook beckons....

Just as an aside, I have a new love affair..... Thanks to my dear friend SuzyQ I've found a new brand of thongs. Can you believe it? I've not worn thongs in years and years. I hate them. I think they look cheap for one thing, and another they're so damn uncomfortable. These however are awesome. They are so soft and feel great on my feet. I'm very impressed. I bought one pair during the last Myer Sale (a sandal pair) and today I bought a pair of thongs at the local surf shop..... Do yourself a favour and buy a pair, not only are they gorgeous but they feel great......Take the time to peruse this site, it takes a while to load but is worth visiting.

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Chris H said...

I love those jandals! I am sending an email to the local importer to see if we can get them here! If not... expect an email from me! LOL


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