Monday, October 19, 2009

Holidays at Rainbow Beach

My reflections on our holiday in a holiday house in Rainbow Beach.

*        I can holiday without the internet, has never worried me before, but I’ve loved having it ‘with’ me the entire time. My iPhone was also great company for me too, as far as the iPod component goes and the fact I can still check my Facebook and Tweets.

*        I loved the fact that the house had a cement floor, it was so quiet and I couldn’t hear every single footfall in the place.

*        I can put something down in a room and still have room to walk!! My house’s size has always been an issue with me, but since coming home and having spent 10 days in a larger house, it only gets to me more. My bedroom at the house was my haven, loads of room, loads of cupboard space which were largely empty of course and a lovely ensuite. My room here, I can barely put a bag down on the ground, and if I do, I have to step over it to get further into the room......

*        Having a lot of space meant I was happy to stay home when the boys went fishing, I could sit on the lounge (choice of two lounge rooms, sit on my bed or lay on the lounge chair by the pool. I was never bored, with my MacBook and a good stash of books and audiobooks I was very very happy to wile away the hours.

*        Allowing the kids some extra freedom and treats. I’m strict with bedtimes and it was lovely letting the kids stay up late, they watched movies or played on their handheld devices. It was fantastic to let take them out to eat, and for ice creams, rare treats in our lives, and very much appreciated. So nice to not be rushing around and constantly organizing them. The break did them a world of good too.

*        An opportunity to explore a new area. I’d never been there, perhaps as a child, but I can’t remember. We had a newspaper article which we’d saved from earlier this year, or eateries and we managed to visit some of them. Next time we’ll try some more eateries.

*        The house’s kitchen was a good size although the appliances weren’t nearly as good as mine, but they were new and clean. The BBQ was used for the meals we cooked at home.

*        I missed my friends and am grateful for the means I had to be able to stay in touch with them.

We’ve booked again for next year. I handed the keys in this morning and left a deposit for next year.

More pics to upload later.......


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

So glad you had a wonderful time Jenny! It's so wonderful to have family holidays!

t.t. millers said...

I saw you are reading Diana Gabaldon! You are going to love all the books! The newest one just came out last month. I decided to re-read all the books before I buy the new one. It's killing me.... but I am determined! ;-)

beetricks said...

Thanks for comment Jenny!

We used to go to Rainbow Beach all the time for hols when I was a kid - I loved it! My dad got me a tee shirt from there on one hol and I wore it till it fell to bits! LOL! I will have to go back one day...


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