Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My boys are growing up

I remember, not all that long ago, approaching the school holidays with a heavy heart and dread...... What a dreadful admission for a mother to make. My days were difficult enough with two small kids and then when they were all home together it was diabolical. There was no peace and quiet. They fought and got into mischief all day long. I hated it. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they were all in bed, and then faced it all the next day.

Nowadays, while I still breathe a sigh of relief when they go to bed, my days are so much nicer. I have talked about this before. In those days I was so grateful for the holiday care programme. It saved my sanity. It meant I had days that were quiet, and I could be home on my own, or do errands, or have my hair done. Just time to be me!! As the kids got older, they didn't like holiday care so much, but I still sent them, that time for me was crucial and a great way for me to feel rejuvenated.

Now I look forward to the holidays. I can lie in and the kids quietly watch TV or play on the Wii. Bliss!! We can do things together, without almost giving me a coronary. I can take them places and know that they are well behaved, much calmer days. A wonderful reward for all the hard work I put in in the early days. The routine, the discipline, the constant haranguing has paid off, it more ways than I can count. The structure and the order, and the not letting them have their way while hard work at the time has brought its own rewards, thousandfold!!!

Today another another stage was entered.

The kids started a golf clinic. For four days, they have tuition and a game. They play and have a clinic session every Saturday and play most Sundays. Sammy generally comes home after clinic, while Mickey and Billy-Joe stay for the game. Sammy likes to come home with Daddy and has had enough. We were a little concerned about how he'd cope with the clinic, but decided to 'make' him go, to push him out of his comfort zone. Their beaming faces when I picked them up this afternoon, said it all!! They had an absolute ball. Their scores were amazing. Billy-Joe played sensationally. DB was stunned! He said he's destined to be the worst golfer in the family lol......

I kind of wasted my day, in that I didn't do anything special. I had an appointment to have my routine mammogram done, and had to pick up some groceries. At home I'm still organizing my drawers and stuff. Losing my desk with the filing cabinet has actually taken some storage space away. I still need some stuff from Ikea and am hoping like heck that my girlfriend is going again this Friday.

I did have a kip this afternoon which was very nice. It wasn't as hot today as it's been the last few days, so was much more pleasant.

Dinner is Quesadillas, with a coconut cake for dessert.

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