Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a little homesick

A bizarre title, I know! I've lived here for twenty years next month. Almost half my life and certainly most of my adult life.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate sport. No, hate is too strong a word. I love that people can play it and enjoy it. I don't enjoy watching it and in general I hate the cult mentality of people who follow a sport, or who actively involve their kids and push their kids into a sport........but, as I'm a girl of many shades and shadows......I have a passion within me for Geelong, which I can't explain.

Watching a knockout final of a team I don't even follow heightens my hidden passion for the game. Funny thing is though, I don't think the passion is so much linked to the game but for the town that it represents.

I left Geelong nearly 20 years ago. I love it here. I love the family I have here, the dear friends I've made, and the climate is just glorious. I don't intend leaving's perfect!!

But I miss Geelong. I yearn for the town, with an aching hurt that is normally only saved for an individual, not an inanimate object like a city!! Perhaps having an oft times broken heart leaves a part of oneself in the place......ah that's the romantic notion, but the reasons run far deeper than that.

I love the place. I grew up there. I lived there. I loved there. When I left there, a small part of me remained. A portion of my heart will always yearn and miss there. Possibly the sad and rushed nature in which I left the place has added to that too.

I miss the prettiness of the place. I miss the food and the culture. I miss the 'cityness' of the place.....

Geelong, always and forever in my heart.

Now Pussycats - do me proud and win the Grand Final..........

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Chris H said...

It's sweet that you have such nice memories of your home town. I don't feel anything for my hometown.... it's a dive.


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